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Nintendo must reinvent itself

Dismal Wii U sales are just a by-product of deeper problems (Nintendo, Wii U)

ape007  +   554d ago
nintendo have some of the best studios in the world and give some of the best games, games that are pure gold and have timeless appeal, i cannot wait for DK Tropical Freeze

on the other hand, Nintendo's management just plain sucks, their strategies and decisions with 3rd party developers, with system specifications, with online support, with the industry as whole just plain sucks

other than the hardcore nintendo fan, the wiiu for the general public is a very late xbox 360+ with tablet that have waaay less games and worse online support

the wiiu future looks absolutely bleak, i MEAN THE WIIU CANNOT EVEN GET/COMPETE WITH CURRENT GEN MULTIPLATS like GTA V, BF4, NFS what the hell the wiiu gonna do against NEXTGEN MULTIPLATS, the system feels lost

some might say to "hey ape u like their games why are u criticizing them"

i criticize because i don't want nintendo consoles to stop, i don't want to see others bash the company i grew with with heavy valid arguments, i don't want to see everyone making a joke out of it, from developers to games

nintendo should make a true wiiu, something that is for everybody

hope sales pick up...
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KevinCubes   554d ago | Off topic | show
thorstein  +   554d ago
Well... if they do go current gen (not trolling), I don't believe the WiiU is truly a current gen console. More like a last gen.5.

If they do come out with a new console (say for 2016) it will hit at a time after the Steam consoles have garnered headlines and before console fatigue on current gen systems hit. It would be the sweet spot.

Make it backward compatible with Wii and Wii U games, because, like you said, there are some great Wii U games out there. It kind of reminds me of the 64: some great games, but just not enough to keep it going.

I don't mind their store, but would like some $1 menu titles from the early days of the NES and SNES.

They need to go blu ray and Smart (ie Netflix, etc). And go with graphics and maturity. Golgo 13 was an NES classic that had sexual themes. It was an amazing game too!

I think they can make a great system, just let the motion go. SONY pretty much did and it has done wonders for their console.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   554d ago
Fyi, generations are determined by sequence, not specs.
thorstein  +   554d ago

Says who? So, PS4 is 4th gen? XboxOne is 4th Gen, Wii U is 6th gen?

Sorry. That is not how it works.

You're saying a 6th gen system is somehow behind a 4th gen? And where does Ouya fall? Or the SteamBox?

They are first gen? That doesn't even make sense.

While timetable has something to do with it, specs do as well. I seriously doubt anyone would pair the Ouya with PS4 and XOne and claim they are all current generation hardware.
KonsoruMasuta  +   554d ago
Maturity doesn't always equal sexual themes and violence. Keep that in mind.

Specs have nothing to do with it. The generation is based on sequences. It's not based on when that company's first console was released, it's based on when the first console generation started. We are eight generations from the first console generation and that makes every console in this time frame a 8th gen console.
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thorstein  +   554d ago
Kon. It is called 8th gen, I know. But, what I am saying is that Wii U doesn't fit in with 8th gen hardware. It is more akin to 7th gen hardware.

You know what. It doesn't matter what wonder and kon think, it is how the industry defines it. A new generation of hardware (strangely, to some) is "characterized by a major technological development."

No matter where I look, I don't find that generational hardware is defined by what someone said on an internet forum.
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wonderfulmonkeyman  +   554d ago
Well sorry to burst your bubble, thor, but "how the industry defines it" has no effect on things here.
We're going off of pure, proven definition of the word, not what a bunch of tech junkies and anti-nintendo pundits in the industry THINK it should mean.
Spin it however you want if it helps you sleep at night, but you're wrong regardless, if you think the wii u is not a part of the newest generation of systems,aka, next gen.
We don't judge generations off of the age of individual components of each system. We use sequence, which is proper definition in this and any case where the term is used.
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thorstein  +   554d ago

The pure proven definition is what I provided to you. Spin it? I can't spin the accepted denotation and connotation used by people who are A) in the industry and B) consumers of the products in said industry.

Why couldn't you just admit, "Oh, I didn't know that, thanks!" Does it really bother you that much?

Is your cognitive dissonance so strong that when what you believe and what is true don't coincide you react defensively? Protect your belief over the expressed definition based on half a century of computing?

Are you seriously calling me an "anti nintendo pundit?" lulz.

Okay then. Have at it. Enjoy yourself.
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wonderfulmonkeyman  +   554d ago
No you did not, Thor.
I suggest you pick up a dictionary before trying to tell others that sequence is not how console generations are defined, that specs somehow matter more than sequence when they have no bearing on how a generation of anything is actually defined.
The tech could be from the 16 bit era and it would still be considered the newest generation of console if that's what a console maker wanted to use in their latest machine.
GT67  +   554d ago
wii-U problem do not have any games gamers want beyond Zelda,Mario,Donky Kong,Metroid,Pikmin.
for two years only 5 damn games??? REALLY!!! Nintendo.

like to buy wii-U trade in my ps3 for it, Nintendo games are more fun, colorful graphic's but no games to sink my teeth into outside of those 5 above.
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Stringerbell  +   554d ago
I used to be such a big Nintendo enthusiast growing up. Supported all of their consoles, burned by the Wii as I didn't like motion controls. it's a conundrum of sorts because I do want to pick one up but I dont want to be burned again in the form of Nintendo releasing something new 2-3 years down the road. Their track record for supporting older hardware once something new comes out isn't all that great.
thorstein  +   554d ago
Agree. The Nintendo Seal Of Approval used to mean something: If I bought the game, it was quality. Wii was full of shovelware, there were some Daisies in there SMGalaxy, Metroid, Mario Kart, etc... but so much shovelware!
Stringerbell  +   554d ago
I'm glad the pro controller has become a standard now. I dont want to play a Zelda game with a motion controller I found it annoying on the Wii. I'm viewing the tablet in the same regards. Without question that tablet is a big chunk of the Wii U's price tag, release a version without one that is cheaper.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   554d ago
The majority of the shovelware came from third parties on the Wii, though. Most of Nintendo's games still lived up to the seal.
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RPG_Lover  +   554d ago
Nintendo is just fine. They dont need to reinvent anything.
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swice  +   553d ago
I wish I could believe that
JodyCones  +   554d ago
Seriously STOP with these articles.
RoboticusRex  +   554d ago
I love Nintendo, but sadly their management is out of touch. They do need to make changes to their approach. The public has spoken that much.
tigertron  +   554d ago
An excellent article and I agree with all of the points made.

Nintendo should really read this and take a good hard look in the mirror. Things must change. Sony had to swallow their pride after the PS3's launch and look how far they've come now.

So, if there's any good to come out of this then it will be Nintendo attempting to improve itself.
BenqMagician  +   554d ago
Nintendo must reinvent what exactly? The wheel? Everyone just take a few deep breaths give Nintendo a year from now to start giving Nintendo advice as too what too do. It's not the first time it's happened Iwata has acknowledged that there's a problem. So lets sit back and relax and enjoy the games that are going too be coming out too save the Wii U.
fonger08  +   554d ago
but we're all economic and business geniuses on here...
Petervincent19  +   553d ago
That was a great article!

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