Is 2014 Final Fantasy’s Year?

Grainger Games takes a look at Square Enix's Final Fantasy releases scheduled for 2014 and looks at the games that might make it the developer's best year ever.

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TheLyonKing1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

I think it will be a rebrith rather than the year of ff.

They are getting rid of the 13 saga and ff 14 looks mightly impressive.

FF x HD hints towards a new chapter on the final fantasy 10 saga (which presonally I am dubious and feel it is just a cash in rather than real love for Spira)

In 2014 I want to see:
A realese date for 15 announced
A realse date for kh HD 2.5
A lot more info on KH 3
An Agito localisation
A new chapter in Vagrant Story
A new dragon quest

Thats just my personal list.

rextraordinaire1707d ago

Do you mean FFXV?

Because XIV has been out for a while now...

And they are getting rid of XIII, but from my demo impressions, they're getting rid of it with a bang! That battle system is pretty great!

vishmarx1707d ago

a release for XV is highly unlikely,if by a miracle it does release it will be JAP in dec at earliest).
LR is trash.even japanese gamers dont like it.
only good thing is XIV which technically released last year.(PS4 release this year)
HD remasters don't count, which also released last year btw.
KH isnt FF..

TheLyonKing1707d ago

yeah but it is coming out on the ps4 which is what i am meaning. didnt make it clear sorry :)

TheLyonKing1707d ago

@vishmarx I said a release date, not it being released this year

HD remasters do count as it allows people to relive past experiences and allow younger players to maybe get to experience it.

FF10 HD isn't out til march and 2.5HD KH hasn't even got a release date yet.

KH has FF characters and interwoven plot lines with them so in my eyes it is very much part of the ff tree.

JohnnyTower1707d ago

I can deal with another dragon quest for sure. But I would LOVE a new final fantasy tactics advance. That game ate up over 100 hours of my life, and I would have it any other way.

TheLyonKing1706d ago

I played the original and the Psp version two. They are really gems that are under rated

ErryK1707d ago

It is sad to see FFXIII go away this year but at least this opens up more dev time to create the next chapter of FF (being FFXVI, not XV). Hopefully we can see a release date for XV along with the localiation of Type-0.

Lionel_Hait1707d ago

XIII overstayed its welcome.

ErryK1706d ago

XIII lasted what? 4 years? Not that it matters, because y'know, XV isn't out yet.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1707d ago

If FFXV makes it out this year probably only in Japan. I have doubts it will but I hope it does anyway.

Nerdmaster1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

More like Final Fantasy's final year. FFXIII-3 looks terrible and FFXV looks too much like XIII gameplay-wise.

KonsoruMasuta1707d ago

XV's gameplay looks nothing like XIII. Not even close.

goldwyncq1707d ago

LR's battle gameplay is largely inspired by FFXV's action oriented gameplay.

SirBradders1707d ago

Looks like a cross between kingdom hearts combat system and 12.

KonsoruMasuta1707d ago

LR may be action oriented but it's nothing like what they plan on doing with XV. XV is more akin to Kingdom Hearts. LR is more restrictive and you aren't in control as much.

Inception1707d ago

We should wait for XV release date. So far, there's only Lightning Returns, XIV that already released last year, and remaster of X/X-2. So, if XV doesn't have a release date in this year than i doubt this year is a FF year.

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The story is too old to be commented.