Media Create hardware sales (1/13 – 1/19)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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Neonridr1337d ago

Everything is down again.. must be a slow week in Japan with no new releases..

abzdine1337d ago

even....360..went down this week! is it because it sold 0?

Yep1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Nah, typo on nintendoeverything's part. It sold 273

Geobros1337d ago

LOL!!!!! I didn't realize that xbox is not in the list till I saw your post.....+1!!!

insomnium21337d ago

Vita is actually quite popular in Japan? Isn't that kinda great?

DarkHeroZX1337d ago

Holidays are over, Japan is just waiting on the PS4 and big launches for all the consoles.

MasterCornholio1337d ago

Thats when the bomb drops. I wonder how many they will sell in the first 24 hours?

Geobros1337d ago

Nothing special...all down....

FamilyGuy1337d ago

Crazy to see that PS4s aren't for sale yet in Japan, I wonder how much they'd be willing to pay for imports? That is, if I could actually snag a PS4 from a store before they sold out in order to attempt an international sale lol.

KevinCubes1337d ago

Damn the vita sold more than Nintendo's next gen console WiiUmad.

DarkHeroZX1337d ago

There is no need for that. The Vita has finally found success at home but its still gonna be an uphill battle. Remember the Vita is completing against the 3DS not the Wii U. But here's to hoping the Wii U turns things around. I'd rather it be Nintendo and Sony taking over the industry rather then MS and Sony.