5 Games That Don’t Fit Their Franchise

"New entries in a long-running series come with a number of expectations. Players generally tend to expect similar aesthetics and mechanics similar to those in previous games. Yet sometimes, developers like to fiddle around with our expectations and deliver something new and different. Sometimes, like with Wind Waker, the end result is magnificent. Other times, they’re totally botched, like 2006′s Sonic the Hedgehog.

On the fringe of all these mismatched expectations is a third group. These are games that are decent, good, or possibly even great in their own regard, but they have no place in the franchise they were inserted into. Often these kinds of games are subject to heavy backlash from fans of the series, but I believe that they offer something intriguing and new to potentially stagnant franchises. So go ahead and plant your tush, because I’m about to list five good games that were utterly misplaced." - Christian Mincks of Geekenstein

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Geobros1789d ago

I agree with Banjo and Starfox