Sony Blamed for Nintendo’s Inability To Secure Third Party Games

The Japanese investment and market analysis firm ACE Securities released a report on Nintendo’s recent substantial reduction of the earning forecasts for the current fiscal year.

Interestingly enough, Sony is pinpointed as the cause for Nintendo's inability to secure third party software.

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Mikelarry1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Right!!!!! it has noting to do with Nintendo's approach to third party developers or Nintendo stuck in the past frame of mind instead of growing with the times...... NEXT

abzdine1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

but who stopped them from investing as well?
i thought 3DS, DS and Wii was jackpot for them and they had more cash than PS Jap division did?
Nintendo's marketing was outstanding and so agressive with Wii, i dont understand what suddenly happened, i just dont!

But good to know Sony doing marketing efforts, looking forward to some new jap reveals on PS4

cleft51582d ago

To be fair, if you read the article it isn't the people actively running Nintendo blaming Sony for it's failures. It's the corporate department, that is clearly out of touch with reality, saying that Iwata needs to respond to their claim.

Nintendo's problems aren't Sony's fault anymore than any success they achieve being attributed to Sony.

uptownsoul1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

First of all, please don't use that short hand for Japanese. But to your ultimate point, I somewhat agree, it's nintendo who i believe rested on the success of the Wii that made them think they could just coast on the brand name of the Wii (hence calling it Wii U) to market itself. They took far too long to realize that they needed to step their marketing and advertising game up.

Hatsune-Miku1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

When it comes to Nintendo and their failures, blame consumers and other gaming companies like sony. Im surprised they aren't blaming rumpelstilskin

They blame sony for actually doing a competent job of acquiring quality titles for their PlayStation

UnHoly_One1581d ago

I don't get their reasoning on this at all either, I don't see how anything Sony has done would affect the viability of the Wii U.

But... If they had named MS instead of Sony... Wow I can only imagine what these comments would look like. lol

ABizzel11581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )


LMAO @ rumpelstilskin XD

link2Dpast1581d ago

yea their marketing approach with the Wii was top notch. Then with the WiiU they have these obscure commercials that give no lime light to what is the WiiU, then on top of that release a revamped Wii MINI WTF, advertisement is literally non-existent and i live in nyc i see nothing Nintendo anywhere, not even on the buses. Other than near their home store. i just think The WiiU was such a surprise i think even for Nintendo, its as if they were expecting for it to just sell on its own just cause of the wii name now their dumbfounded on how to approach their own product.

I say test the waters, if mario kart or smash dont give you the numbers you want sales wise, then thats the nail in the coffin and just move on. Mario 3D world did good but not to what it can and i believe that's a first sign of worse to come. So test waters on your other top system sellers especially mario kart and smash bro, whenever that is coming out, but if the present proves anything, it a good indication if mario aint selling then this pipe is clogged just move on.

nukeitall1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I think this is a positive thing for Nintendo. Remember how Microsoft upped the game, and forced Sony's hand to improve their relationship with 3rd party?

Remember when MS was the one sending out engineers, whereas Sony was the one ignoring 3rd parties?

Look at Sony now!

Point being, Nintendo will do the same and Nintendo is a company that has proven to be very adaptable in the past so drop the price on a Wii U while the Windwaker LE edition is still available, and I will jump on it!

That said, I think investment into third party is not something Nintendo is "used" to, and will take some corporate company culture change. That is the most difficult thing to do for any company. Humans are creatures of habit!

princejb1341581d ago

I think it was the wii that gave the wii u a bad taste
During that time I was working for gamestop and the wii was selling like hot cakes
Mainly because of the gimmick of wii sports and wii fit and the wii controller
But many of those people that bought the wii including myself found the game library kinda empty or disappointing. The only good games were the first party (Mario,Zelda,metroid, etc.)

windblowsagain1581d ago

What happened was they brought out the Wii u, which hasn't got the gimmick controls that mums,dads,children enjoy. Casual gaming.

The casual console can happen again, just needs to be more powerful then PS4, and have tons of 3rd and 1st party.

Robotronfiend1581d ago

"Jap" is not the preferred nomenclature dude.

THEDON82z11581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

It's not too-late yet (hear me out I am a hardcore PlayStation man, with deep Nintendo roots at-least up to N64..LOL.

1)Invest,Invest,Invest...One the biggest problems about Nintendo is there refusal to invest in RD.They need to hire some good tech firms to get together with their internal tech teams and create a kick ass HD engine to exploit WII U's GPU. They also need to invest in expanding their first party teams so they can create some New IP's. Finally they need to invest in creating A pro controller 2.0,miniaturizing the tablet screen and combining that with the pro controller.After that take a loss and bundle that [email protected] with a black Wii U.

2) Stop creating the same dame games over and over...Its real pathetic when you cant tell a real difference between Mario Wii AND Mario WiiU
I am 31 years old and the biggest disappointment for me is not seeing the classic game's I grew up on, not get a real Next-gen remake! Mario should get a direct sequel to Mario 64(only with tru kick as graphics),Zelda should have went with a more darker tone just like the (Tech demo hinted at) and finally they should just say fuck it and make Super Metroid a straight Mass effect inspired type game.If they had those three big titles along with some new IP's, they could really have a good chance of turning things around.

Finally the last one CREATE A REAL INTERNET SERVICE deputing with a Nex-gen Starfox as F2P type game, this is 2014 [email protected] But watch Nintendo do the exact OPPOSITE!!!!

Eonjay1581d ago

I have never found blaming anyone to be a solution or appropriate way for dealing with my problems

thexmanone1581d ago

@ shoddy

I blame you for trolling

ShinMaster1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

NINTENDO is to blame.

""Satoru Iwata took away the autonomy of Nintendo of America when he took over. This meant the Japanese branch, the headquarters, made all the calls. This was right when the West started gaining a lot of traction as the most important part of the world sales-wise for the industry.

Multiple Western third-party relationships with Nintendo quickly soured, many that had worked with Nintendo closely in the past had their bonds broken with the big N, and it still hurts Nintendo to this day.
Third-party support in general is much more horrid than when Satoru Iwata originally stepped into the role as president of Nintendo, and it has only been getting progressively worse.

Under Iwata's leadership, Nintendo allowed the Wii to flounder for two years at the end of its life without much software support. This made it so the casual gamers that were attached to the Wii name went elsewhere for their entertainment, and it made it so any momentum Nintendo would have had going into the Wii U was dead.""

Pogmathoin1581d ago

Nuke, I guess disagrees mean you spoke the truth.

UltraNova1581d ago


Care to elaborate on why i got disagrees with just saying 'yeah'??

I would appreciate it...really!

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Apex131582d ago

@Mikelarry, calm down dear, it's just an article lol

Mikelarry1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

lol i am very calm just dislike when blame is passed around on to others but the the person who is at fault, instead of the blame game cant they suggest ways Nintendo can improve on to avoid situations like this

also to the disagrees just an example of what third parties are saying about the wiiu... don't hate the messenger hate the game

JsonHenry1581d ago

Nintendo needs to realize that they are stuck in the past. Gimmicks in gaming rarely sells anymore. The Wii, WiiU, Kinect, and PSMove controllers are all gimmicks at best. It doesn't help sell a console or games. And add that Nintendo's default controllers are these gimmicky things it is a recipe for distaster.

Lets move on to the fact Nintendo's machines are greatly underpowered (something they use to be the star of!) compared to the competition. Then lets look at network/online/friends/apps and realize just how stuck in the late 90s Nintendo's online services are.

The problems with Nintendo is lack of vision and keeping things modern. Hopefully they learn their lesson and knock the next one out of the park much like Sony did with the PS4.

Chevalier1581d ago

I would think their poor choice in designing underpowered Wii U console and not having development tools ready are more detrimental than anything. Lots of work and low sales cement it.

kenshiro1001581d ago

This is hilarious.

A big company like Nintendo blaming Sony because they can't get third party support?

They have themselves to blame for it.

showtimefolks1581d ago

MS's already blames sony now Nintendo wants to join the cry baby list. Nintendo has a long long history of not getting 3rd party support, how about actually geeting feedback from development community next time around

stop with these Gimmicks gamepads and motion controls, make a solid console that can compete with ms and sony and 3rd parties will support you

also next time when you launch a new console make sure the games are ready to come out within timely manner. Both sony and ms will believer more than in shorter period of time since launch

Kavorklestein1581d ago

When has MS ever blamed Sony for anything? In fact, they have taken less pot-shots at Sony than Sony has as them, let ALONE blame them lol

Cha0tik1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

It doesn't matter who is blamed. With the right approach and the right terms anyone can be talked into creating an exclusive game. This is an internal problem. It has nothing to do with Microsoft or Sony. They MUST make their console look amazing to develop for and with the numbers they are selling that's going to be hard.

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TheLyonKing1582d ago

I would take that as a compliment for Sony, Sony's hardware and support of 3rd party titles means its much more attractive and viable to produce on their platform rather than nintendo's

XiSasukeUchiha1582d ago

Nintendo make it attractive to third party at the same time innovative gameplay like u always done.

madjedi1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

What innovation exactly?

I don't see anything remotely innovative in nintendo games the last couple gens, that hasn't been matched by either third part sony or ms games.

What innovative gameplay exactly mario still runs, jumps and stomps goombas and samus and link are still doing their things. Same shit better graphics like all games.

So again what innovative gameplay because since the ps1/ps2 era i don't see any real gameplay innovations. That i hear nintendo fans rave about, just the same basic things only more fleshed out as we utilize more powerful hardware and better tools.

If anything you have had more innovation(piss poorly used instead of improvements/advancements), in the graphical side, ai ect than the gameplay side.

Looking at all the ms, nintendo and sony games released last gen, i am not seeing anything i would shout to the heavens as innovative really.

But then again i am only interested in it's a fun game or not, how innovative the same games from 30 yrs ago despite not really changing much if any in 10+ yrs.

People need to stop confusing fun or enjoyable with innovation, and stop thinking that if the game is not innovating that it is a bad game.

Last serious innovations online and waggle, even those aren't new concepts in gaming. The powerglove by mattel for nes.

ape0071582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

it's competition, it's nintendo that don't go out and get 3rd party games, let me put things on perspective,

nintendo have some of the best studios in the world and give some of the best games, games that are pure gold and have timeless appeal, i cannot wait for DK Tropical Freeze

on the other hand, Nintendo's management just plain sucks, their strategies and decisions with 3rd party developers, with system specifications, with online support, with the industry as whole just plain sucks

other than the hardcore nintendo fan, the wiiu for the general public is a very late xbox 360+ with tablet that have waaay less games and worse online support

the wiiu future looks absolutely bleak, i MEAN THE WIIU CANNOT EVEN GET/COMPETE WITH CURRENT GEN MULTIPLATS like GTA V, BF4, NFS what the hell the wiiu gonna do against NEXTGEN MULTIPLATS, the system feels lost

some might say to "hey ape u like their games why are u criticizing them"

i criticize because i don't want nintendo consoles to stop, i don't want to see others bash the company i grew with with heavy valid arguments, i don't want to see everyone making a joke out of it, from developers to games

nintendo should make a true wiiu, something that is for everybody

hope sales pick up...

lilbroRx1581d ago

@" it's nintendo that don't go out and get 3rd party games"


Tekken Tag Wii U Edition

Fire Emblem X Capcom
Lego City
Bayonetta 2
Wonderful 101
Hyrule Warriors
Sonic Lost World

deafdani1581d ago

I think he means multiplatform games. Of which the Wii U has a few, true, but it's definitely lacking, and it looks like it will fall even more behind in the future in that area.

lilbroRx1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

@deafdani If Nintendo payed for developers to put something on their hardware that third parties were paying other companies to be able to put on their hardware(third parties have to pay licensing fees to sale the gamers, otherwise the console manufacturers wouldn't make any money) that would be disastrous.

It would set a precedent where every developer would expect Nintendo to pay to have the games on their console. It would cost Nintendo even more money. It would do nothing good for their pr. It wouldn't improve the Wii U's situation at all.

Did you forget Splinter Cell Blacklist? Dark Siders 2? Assassin's Creed 3 and 4? Call of Duty BO2 and Ghosts? Arkham City and Origins? Rayman Legends? Trine 2: Director's Cut? Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut? Sniper Elite 2? Resident Evil: Revelations HD? NFS Most Wanted? Lego Marvel? etc.

They already get most of the big name third party mulitplats. They simply don't sale. People would rather buy them on consoles they already own with reputations for not having broken, glitchy versions of the game with missing content and modes. How is Nintendo wasting money to get more of them going to change that?

Exclusives always trump mulitplatform games in moving hardware as well.

Redempteur1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Your list has 3 games that aren't out yet.
fruthermore, nintendo does need all those games that are garanteed to be on some consoles , stuff like creed ( they do ) but need for speed ( where is rivals ? ) , fifa , madden , METAL GEAR , GTA , skyrim.

How can you expect a normal consummer to take this console when the big games aren't there. Nintendo got creed and COD , but they failed to convince EA and plenty of other publishers aside from ubisoft.