Should the Wii U go away? - Branching Dialogue

Game-Smack: On this week's Branching Dialogue, I talk about the dark future ahead for Nintendo's Wii U and suggest the possibility of letting this one go away and move on, admitting it's shortcomings.

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Jdoki1640d ago

No it shouldn't. Nintendo just need to sort themselves out and rebuild public trust through good, clear, marketing and more quality game releases. The 3DS didn't start well either, but eventually turned around.

It's clear Nintendo got things very wrong, as the announcement of the huge cut in sales forecast demonstrates, but the situation is not lost.

A decent price cut may help, but that's not in Nintendo's nature (they did for the 3DS, but have never been big on console cuts). Nintendo have a lot of work to do, but they showed with the Wii that they are sailing a different course from Sony and Microsoft, so fingers crossed they get it right soon.

Mikelarry1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

lol i love how easy it is for someone who hasn't got stakes in something is quick to say pull the chord, the wiiu is not the problem its the management that is the problem they don't seem to want to change with the times and technology around them which is a very dangerous gamble.

Moncole1640d ago

Another no name site trying to get hits. There are way to many game related sites.

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