Diehard GameFAN: Unepic Review (Nintendo Wii U)

DHGF: Unepic comes to the Wii U with the promise of the conveniences the platform can provide, but fails to measure up as a worthwhile port. While playing on the TV, the action is so zoomed out that it’s difficult to see, yet playing on the Gamepad causes you to lose out on easy inventory access. The multiplayer mode is axed entirely and the game is priced a bit higher than its Steam brethren. As for the core game, the non-serious plot fails to inspire many laughs and the Castlevania style combat is far too clunky to maintain your attention for the game’s full twenty hour duration. In a way, Unepic is aptly named. There’s a very good game buried in here somewhere, but a lot of the design choices undoes much of what it tried to accomplish.

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