SNES game released after 20-year delay

Thought the Super Nintendo had died over 15 years ago? A new game has hit the market 20 years after it was meant to go on sale.

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Neonridr1668d ago

Crazy. Awesome though. The SNES still lives.

rdgneoz31667d ago

Nice, though sucks that it's $70 + s&h...

hemmo19861667d ago

Run it using a emulator, as if you'd pay that amount unless your a collector

NukaCola1667d ago

Why didn't they just put this on the Vita or 3DS? Or as an indi for todays platforms?

MadMax1666d ago

Because this is a lost game that is meant to be made with all the original packaging and cartridge. It's geared more towards collectors. Kind of a great idea and makes the game more valuable too! I'm all about stuff like this! I do not agree with the price though! $85 for a snes game? Should've been original price of what they used to be. Digital games are just useless and serve no other purpose than space! No value at all! That's the last thing we need!

BootHammer1667d ago

I'd love to add it to my collection but as hemmo stated you can just grab it online and use it on your choice of emulators. My arcade cab would love another classic title.

If it's really good though it would be worth for the box, manual and cartridge though =)

BootHammer1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I see some stating it was limited to 600 copies and it's sold out! Although it does still show available through their site, odd.

BootHammer1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Played the first level and's pretty awesome!

NeXXXuS1667d ago

I must get this when I have the funds!

BootHammer1667d ago

It's really solid! Heavy on the SNES nostalgia.

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