More Fantastic Driveclub 1080p Footage Emerges; Shows Beautiful Visuals And Lots of Racing

There's still no firm release date for the PS4 Exclusive Driveclub, but more footage of the game is emerging, showcasing its beautiful visuals in lovely 1080p resolution.

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Hatsune-Miku1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Looks amazing and i can tell from looking like the best next gen racer that the delay really helped a lot. Im hoping it runs @ 60fps in 1080p. buying this first day

abzdine1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Driveclub and The Order are the games i'm most excited for on PS4.
release this game already!!!!!!! my PS4 has been off for some time

GribbleGrunger1703d ago

You've given yourself away, son. Now scoot.

snookiegamer1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )


Maybe you're getting disagrees because it appears you have come here to Troll?

You don't have to like Driveclub of course, but nobody here is interested in your failed NFS comparisons.

...It didn't help that you re-edited just to resort to silly accusations & immature fanboy nonsense, just because you saw you were getting disagrees.

Look at you ranting, frothing at the mouth beneath me!! ...Are you feeling okay dude??

GribbleGrunger1703d ago

... Breath dear chap, you're making yourself look immature and silly.

GarrusVakarian1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Wtf is up with that dude ^^^

Comparing NFS to this? Lol.... This wipes the floor with every racing game shown so far on consoles (not going to mention project cars because we haven't seen any console gameplay).

LordNikon1703d ago


Its fine that you don't like it. We all have our opinions. What's not fine is your condescending attitude, all while you go around trying to pathetically provoke Sony fanboys.

You're no better than a Sony fanboy at this point.

GarrusVakarian1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

My god..........

.........i want this game in my veins.

That's all in game.......IN GAME!!!. Just look at those graphics on the snowy level!...*Head explodes*

Forget the PS plus edition, ive got this beast on day 1 pre order.

abzdine1703d ago

The way you disagree with me because i think this game is good is the same way people disagree with you.
and i'm actually the one who agree with your post before you edit it. just to show you that i respect others opinions but i regret i did when i read how childish you were after editing your post.

HammadTheBeast1703d ago


I like how you say I disagree with this game being good, then get worked up over a few disagrees.

I hope you realize what a disagree means right? That someone disagrees with your opinion...

xHeavYx1703d ago

Just a thought but, if you come to an article like this one to disagree with it, wouldn't it make sense to explain your reasons?

MysticStrummer1703d ago

lol Auto defends his right to disagree by getting upset about disagrees. Classic.

This game is a real looker and looks like it will be great fun. Can't wait to try it out with PS+, but I have a feeling I'll buy the full game soon after.

pyramidshead1703d ago

Some reasons why people get down bubbled but blame it on fanboyism:

Exhibit A: @Autodidactdysopia, unhide his comment and let's delve in!

1:Typing obnoxiously, no matter what the subject.
2:Draw attention to disagrees and relate it to bias.
3:Draw attention to the narrative of console wars.
4:Suggesting website bias, en masse.
5:Concern trolling
6:Unnecessary comments that show no interest in the subject of the article.

For example "I don't like it", then why even comment? lol

On topic:

Seems like Evo have done some immense things coming from Feb reveal. Looks like that delay did it some good. Can't even imagine what flak it could have gained if they released it unfinished just because it was set for launch. Disappointing sure but it looks fantastic.

I'm more of an arcade racer but I feel I may pick this up full retail, as long as it has an offline single player campaign.

abzdine1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Thanks for the tutorial of how to lose 2-3 bubbles in just 3 posts. Respects from n4g community.

on topic, i hope rumors about this game being delayed to June aren't true cause i want to play it so bad! i played the alpha version at gamescom and i liked it, now with all the improvements it just makes the waiting unbearable!

mewhy321703d ago

I can't wait. This game puts forza to shame. I'm really excited about this one.

DevelopmentArrested1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Non trolling version of mewhy32's comment:

I can't wait. I'm really excited about this one.



I though this was an all out arcade racing game, not a racing sim... Well, I actually prefer racing sims, so in this case I hope you are right and I'm wrong! LOL

Now, seriously, this looks like a racing game trying to accomodate all kind of racing fans out there. I wouldn't be surprised if it is an arcade racing game with some simulation features, maybe even a simulation driving mode (not ideal for simulation, because it needs different physics, but should be more than good enough for the car enthusiast inside of us that want to enjoy this game 'till either Project Cars or GT7 gets released).

Freedomland1702d ago

Well done Evolution well done.

Mister_Dawg1702d ago

@ everyone giving Auto a good kicking.

It's very hypocritical to disagree with his views on a game, but then to complain and castigate him for having a go back. He's not trolling, just trying to swim through a strong tide of PS4 owners, some of whom are not prepared to accept a polarising point of view.

FamilyGuy1702d ago

Hopefully, with all these videos surfacing recently, there will be an announcement soon of the release date. And I mean like within a week from now, there's really no reason not to give us a release window or something.

Boody-Bandit1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

It looks incredible.
Now I just need to know which FFB wheel will work best with this game on the PS4. Evolution please include manual shifter and clutch settings for us wheel users.

BelkingOfSony1702d ago

@autodudiaiaiffkdbabgnxmsmwohw ebalaplfls

There should be a 'deluded' button on this site for stupid comments like that.

on topic - this game is going to be epic.

BlackTar1871702d ago


"lol I bought my pc 3 years ago and its still miles better than the ps4.."

"Im starting to realize that being a "Gamer" is just about as bad as being a sports fan.

Designed for idotertainment. "

"If its not sony doing it then ther is always an excuse. :D "

"Xbox and Playstation is like mcdonalds. It always tastes "good" but its nothing like even a 3 star meal. "

"omg will it compare to ps4 cause sony?

of course not no way anything can possibly compare. and if it looks better its only because its not 400 dollars.

cause sony

really gets on my nerves man. Ps4 sony crap always an excuse. always a reason not to just give credit where its due. #1.1.5"

" you're only a troll if you say something bad about sony. #1.1.5"

Real Civil.....................

Funny thing is you don't see yourself in any of your complaints.

scott1821702d ago

It looks stunning, however I'm not in love with the course, I wish they would show others more.

ambientFLIER1702d ago

Lukas -

the gif in your comment does look good, except...there's a very glaring oversight. The reflection on the paint of the yellow Lotus does not actually move with the rest of the scenery.

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imt5581702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Driveclub is running at 30 fps for now. And look how the feel of speed is GREAT @30 fps!

cbuc11251702d ago

Agree wholeheartedly. People dont understand that while 60fps is smoother, it is also slower feeling. 30fps feels and looks faster. I want to feel like im RACING around a track, not Sunday driving.

xtremeimport1702d ago

Have they posted a complete car list anywhere?

Eonjay1702d ago

For me its the high details of the environments 5hat really make this look next gen. There is no denying the beauty of this title.

bradleejones1702d ago

Yeah i haven't heard anything about how many and what cars. Does look great though.

solid_snake36561702d ago

Drive club is making real life look fake.

Joey_Leone1702d ago

I cant wait to get my hands on this game. And isn't Sony giving this game to PS+ users for free?

jonatan2211702d ago

It's giving a stripped down version, so less cars and tracks.

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snookiegamer1703d ago

'It's always tease, tease tease!'ll have me begging on my knees...darling you got to let me know, can I play or is it no'

Driveclub is going to be awesome :)

MysticStrummer1703d ago

Nice use of lyrics, and yes it is. :D

Chaostar1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

I love the style of this game: the camera angles, subdued colours, TV style filters. If the actual game comes out looking like this I will be very pleased.

Honestly I can't see them hitting the 60fps target but other games like Need for Speed can get away with it, so why not this game. I just hope the added effects such as dynamic lighting and particles (did you see those leaves blowing around!?) are worth the trade off.

Salooh1702d ago

Drive club definitely won't max the ps4. It's a first year title. So i think it's possible if they want to make it 60fps and 1080p..

It reminds me of need for speed pro street with all that green stuff lol . I loved that game even though i'm not a fan of cars.

Arkardo1703d ago

You have to be kidding, and this is the game all Ps+ members will be getting for free?


ambientFLIER1702d ago

A stripped version, yeah. Basically a demo.

Eonjay1702d ago

Ps+ is the best deal in gaming at the moment so another awesome deal sounds par for the course.

But yes we are all expecting it to be a glorified demo. Anything else is just extra.

curtis921702d ago

More of a F2P version than a demo.

XiSasukeUchiha1703d ago

Driveclub hype is Gallack Gun