How Nintendo Could Release The Nintendo Fusion Right Now

The writer discusses how Nintendo could smoothly dump the Wii U and 3DS by allowing consumers to pay a small upgrade fee to the Nintendo Fusion.

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Dwalls11711582d ago

Wii u owners would be pissed

gameboymario1582d ago

In the article it specifically states that Wii U owners could make a small fee (say $50) to have their Wii U sent in to Nintendo and have a Nintendo Fusion given to them on the spot. I personally wouldn't be that pissed, you're paying a small fee and getting your old console replaced with a brand new one that is backwards compatibility.

If Nintendo were to do what Sega done however, it would piss off many consumers,

DJMarty1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Nintendo would have to right off shit loads of Wii U hardware(as they already commited to Wii U manufactering for years), the losses wouldn't make it viable.

barb_wire1581d ago


Why should the Wii U owners have to pay though?, since they've already paid premium for the console only to have Nintendo to dump support after just a year.. let Nintendo eat the cost, since it has been their mistakes that would lead upto this.

All hypothetically of course..

admiralvic1581d ago

@ Barb_Wire

Because WE (or at least I, since I bought a Wii U) committed to buy a Wii U, not the right to play whatever Nintendo game releases over the next 3+ years. You got exactly what you paid for and the system does everything described. Yes, it would suck and I would be pissed, but this sort of thing happens all the time. A product fails and a company drops support and life continues on.

Eonjay1581d ago

The imaginary console has an official name now?

its_JEFF1581d ago


You're talking about an entire platform. I don't know if that's every happened, not after a year, right? Does the Dreamcast apply?

ABizzel11581d ago

Why are you people still following this Fake rumor. There have been no other major industry sites saying anything about a potential Nintendo Fusion, this is nothing but a concept from someone with a bit of PC sepcs. knowledge.

The majority of you don't even know about specs at all, because when PC GPU / CPU / etc... articles show up on n4g it's only a few of the usual people in there discussing the specs.

The Nintendo fusion is a solid concept and one I've been saying they should do since the Wii U's struggle at retail. The Fusion concept however, would be better served around holiday 2016 where Nintendo can make a console with similar performance to the PS4 / XBO. That way they can give the Wii U an appropriate life span without making anyone bitter, and have the fusion on the market for 4 years if it doesn't take off, because I don't see the PS5/XB? launching until around 2020 so they can reap the benefits from NVIDIA Volt's and AMD equivalents successors.

On top of that the 4DS should be deep in development by then, and they can incorporate that platform into the concept of the fusion console and allow up-scaling of 3DS and 4DS games.

But again this is all just hype for now, and if it were to come it wouldn't be any time soon.

Oh_Yeah1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Nintendo allowing us to upgrade the wii u for 50$ lol fat chance even though they could afford the loss easily, I could see if Oprah was CEO...Really though, all it needs are its 1st party games to be released and quick, plus new ips, mature ones. Then patch in trophies/achievement system, a price drop to 200, start bundling the system with the pro controller, allow us to turn off the annoying background noises, unlock DVD/blu ray playback, drop game prices quicker/ start them at 50$, free nes/snes/n64/GameCube emulator, all retro games free with a 50$ a year subscription. I would save the wii u so fast it wouldn't even be funny.

N4g_null1581d ago

Why come out with a new home console when you can make a kick azz 3ds upgrade very similar to nvidias grid and use that extra processor like a cloud server locally. Instant FX chip situation.

A 3ds upgrade that rivals the wiiu power and then some is very doable.

While the gpu is making the wiiu shine it can go into game pad mode and suddenly the second controller option is unlocked along with a local cloud device that doubles as your next handheld.

Nerd is working on Nintendo cloud tech right now. Local cloud tech bypasses the problems of Internet infrastructures. Not sure sure if the 3ds would work for this but the upgrade would work way better if a new handheld was launched.

Then Nintendo could offer two routes to get to a super FX like effect... cloud tech Thursday the Internet via a Nintendo network now sub, the new 3ds local cloud tech... which would possibly enable 4 player game pad play. If done right.

The above would be a much better plan than the knee jerk above.

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LKHGFDSA1581d ago

yeah both of them would be pissed.

3-4-51581d ago

Dump the 3DS !!??

It prints money....

gpturbo811581d ago

i've gotten my $ worth with the system already, so id be fine with it. parents that just bought it for xmas probably wouldnt be so happy.

KwietStorm1581d ago

You've gotten your money's worth in a year? A sub-par *launch* year at that?

gpturbo811581d ago

i find use for things i spend my money on. i dont sit on the internet and bitch about how theres no games(untrue), "Lame" internet, resolution, tflops etc, etc, etc. I play the thing all the time. a year is a long time. i've gotten more use out of my wii u in a year than most people will get out of their consoles in a couple years.when you remove all the bs and just focus on having fun, you'll probably get more use out of your consoles as well.

KwietStorm1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Minus all the bitching on the internet and other irrelevancies, I still would never say I've gotten my money's worth out of a new console after it's first year on the market, and be ready to move on. That wouldn't even be logical for me. And yea I game all the time too.

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Activemessiah1581d ago

You can't just sweep 4 million Wii U owners into the ocean

likeaboss3021581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

But you can get close! :)

I'd love some kind of discounted upgrade path if possible.

kneon1581d ago

I just can't see this happening, the cost of such a plan would be in excess of a billion dollars with no guarantees that they will gain any significant market share.

BX811581d ago

I agree, I don't own a wii u but if they did release a new console Nin would have to do some kind of trade in with the wii u. Not sure when this would happen but sounds like something that peaks my interest.

sinjonezp1581d ago


Nintendo has the cash and capital to introduce a new console tomorrow and offer an.insentive to those that bought the wiiU. Would it make them look bad? Maybe, but in an electronics world where things are changing every year, they have to stay Competitive. If they introduce a console that has the specs (stronger than the x1 and ps4) with a true mario or zelda next gen game at launch would sell gazillions. Microsoft abandoned the xbox and i think the x360 turned out fine. Im on board if they do it and would buy it.

kneon1581d ago


I know they have the cash, but that doesn't mean they should waste it in this manner.

The billion dollars is just the cost of providing the upgrades to existing customers. There would likely be another billion or so in additional costs to bring a new console to market.

And I doubt it would sell that much better, they alienated too many gamers and many gamers have just moved on and just aren't that interested in their type and style of games anymore.

The Wii U sold pretty much what I was expecting as I saw no interest from "normal" people. Non-gamers don't care anymore, they played the wii, they are over it. That market has moved on and isn't coming back.

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deafdani1581d ago

More than 5 million, actually. Which makes things worse. These 5 million people are, for the most part, the most loyal and enthusiast Nintendo fans that buy Nintendo consoles on day one. Exactly not the kind of people you want to piss off.

Reeze1581d ago

I, for one, wouldn't be likely to buy a Nintendo console for a while if they cut off the Wii U so soon.

krubele141581d ago

5.4 million to be exact.

jmc88881581d ago

There are many 1st party games in development. Wii U owners still would have quite a bit to look forward to.

An ambassador program really wouldn't cost them that much. If they lost $300 per person and 5 million consoles, that's just $1.5 billion..if EVERYONE took them up on some $99 offer or whatever.

We saw Microsoft take such a hit just with RRoD. It is definitely possible.

They were sitting on ~50 billion in cash right around the Wii U launch.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but one thing is for sure. If 3rd party drops support, the Wii U is dead to the mainstream, if it isn't painfully obvious that both are pretty much dead right now.

Oh I'd still enjoy 1st party offerings. But few are going to buy Nintendo systems ONLY for Nintendo games that haven't already bought the system. Sure they can increase the numbers by dropping the price to $149-199, because there are a bunch of Nintendo fans waiting for that, but overall if they don't have 3rd party support, the majority of gamers overall won't buy it.

It's not about us that have already bought it, it's all the people who didn't buy them and are enamored with the PS4 and XB1 who will have 3rd party support going forward. Combined Sony and Microsoft have almost doubled in 4-6 weeks what it took Nintendo 13 months to sell. Both products were also more expensive.

They are in a mess. They can take their 50 billion and go home and exit, they can bleed and become irrelevant to 80-90 percent of gamers, or they can use that 50 billion of rapidly diluting dollar much of which is no doubt priced in Yen via Abenomics and put it to use before it withers away and attempt to right the ship.

Paying a couple of billion to right the ship when they are sitting on that much cash makes alot more sense then alienating gamers and devs while bleeding money for the next 5 or so years. They'll be bleeding money and their pile of cash will be diluting.

They are probably sitting on millions of gamepads in sunk cost that are DUMB clients which means it doesn't matter what console they're connected to. They just as easily can be used for the Fusion.

Nothing is for certain, and they have until like E3 to make a decision, because by then we'll have a concrete understanding of the opening of PS4/XB1 consoles, and the next 1-2 years of games will be on display at E3 showcasing to us what Nintendo has to compete with.

My guess is that besides some great 1st or 2nd party games, it's not going to be good versus the competition. We'll start seeing a bunch of games without a Wii U version which will only add to the reason why most gamers shouldn't buy a Wii U. With those games which 3rd party does support, most will be 360 ports.

Nintendo has some great stuff up their sleeves, but even with their own great games, they cannot compete against everyone else combined coupled with everybody combined with better graphics and an assured multiplayer community in games because both systems have double the Wii U's userbase by E3 and rising.

Also remember this isn't them announcing a new console soon, it's about getting something ready that they could then announce in early 2015 or early 2016 for that respective year for launch.

I don't think the rumor is true, the combination of specs simply don't pass muster. But that doesn't mean they can't or shouldn't be fast tracking the development of a new console.

Slapshot821581d ago


But, that "4 million Wii U owners" is also a focal point that isn't taken into account in this article. If only 4 million people are willing to spend the $300+ for the Wii U - is there really more than this that are willing to spend another $200+ for a console that rivals the PS4 and Xbox One?

Nintendo has little third party support. It has very weak online infrastructure and to the best of my knowledge, little to no cloud-based infrastructure, which is the future online console-based gaming. Nintendo also has a strong reluctance to do what its competition is doing, which all but guarantees that its focus is not on getting the next Battlefield and Call of Duty on its consoles.

These aren't stabs at Nintendo, in any way. People that want Nintendo to be the "most powerful console developer" need to wake up and realize that Nintendo has shifted its business strategy to be what it started out: a toy maker. Nintendo makes brilliant video games that bring toys to life. This is what they are best at and it's how they need to proceed.

Even in the NES era, Nintendo's games didn't make up the bulk of the "hardcore tites". Nope, those went to the third parties. This was reflected even more so with the launch of the SNES.

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_QQ_1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

They can't. The 50$ upgrade idea is also extremely illogical.

KonsoruMasuta1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

This is stupid. Why would they dump the 3DS aswell?


At this point I'd at least consider it. My Wii u is useless at this point so I'd consider an upgrade to fusion as long as I could get a deal.