Xbox One Day One Edition Still Available at British Retailer Two Months After Day One

If you’re late to the Xbox One party but you still want a Day One edition, you may want to hurry, because apparently the console is still available at British retailer Game.

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Chaostar1640d ago

Well this is shocking, I know it's not doing as well as PS4 here in the UK but you'd think they'd have burned through the day one stock by now.

I blame the price disparity, how can a $500 console sell for more than the PS3 did at launch here? The value just isn't there for UK gamers yet, well personally speaking at least.

Mikelarry1640d ago

most of the apps and system core functionality are geared towards the Americans and i have to pay more than them..... HELL NOOOOOO

Chaostar1640d ago

Yeah there's that too, MS are asking us to pay comparatively more than their US customers but get less features in return.

Until they can get to a reasonable price point that reflects a true value of the system they will continue to throw away this market.

MeknSence1640d ago

Well not only in Europe, in the United States they are still plenty of day 1 edition available!

ThePope1640d ago

Post links. Plenty of them.

Mister_Dawg1640d ago

There are launch editions left. So what?

Does that mean the XB1 has stopped selling? Of course it doesn't. If they have some day1 machines and people want one, they can buy it. Or they can choose to pick up a regular system.

I don't understand where you're coming from dude.

Chaostar1639d ago

What part has you confused? The Xb1 isn't selling as much as it should be in the UK but even so you'd think people would have bought all the day one editions by now.

It's a little shocking to me is all, especially considering that it looks like MS are handing over the UK market to Sony, which has been an Xbox stronghold this past gen.

Fireseed1640d ago

And? Do you want them to take them out back and burn them? I mean theirs a launch edition 360 sitting in my local Gamestop, but we're not sitting here making articles about that to draw conclusions that it isn't selling well.

Muerte24941640d ago

Launch Edition 360? Yeah, ok.

Fishy Fingers1640d ago

Maybe he's confusing trade in systems as new? Otherwise, that's BS.

1640d ago
Fireseed1640d ago

Nope. We literally have one of the old white boxes with the green rings sitting on the self.

Charybdis1640d ago

Don't get it site says its been in stock for over 24 hours which I would assume as its a day one xb1. Or it are xb1 day one editions which previous were reserved units. Article kinda reads like an advertisement were to get an day one xb1.

XiSasukeUchiha1640d ago

Damn really Month Two Day One edition lol

Chris121640d ago

Game have sold out and been restocked of Xbox ones multiple times. You have to wonder when these childish tit for tat fanboy articles are going to stop.

Omran1640d ago

restocked with day one edition ! lol
are you blind or you are a fanboy that
can't understand the fact the console
is not sold out !!

hkgamer1640d ago

well its not sold out "everywhere" as the article says, it could have been the stores in the middle of nowhere that had a few more in stock and sent bk to hq to sell over the internet.

Chris121640d ago

Hey, Omran you numb nut. If you had actually followed the stock at release and shortly afterwards, you would know retailers were restocked with Day 1 Editions several times.

LOL LOL LOL etc. isn't that what you kids like?

ape0071640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

well seem like 500$ price tag is a bit expensive

while the system did a fantastic job so far, i still can't see it continuing selling very well in the future due to the fact that there's an identical 100$ cheaper system besides it called ps4, i expect the sale rate to decline for X1 (maybe not)

that's why i expect MS to introduce a kinectless Xbox one once the manufacturing costs goes down so they can maintain the profit that the 500$ model is making

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The story is too old to be commented.