PS4 Exclusive InFAMOUS: Second Son Boasts Press Praise With New Trailer and Awesome Graphics

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia just released a new accolades trailer of InFAMOUS: Second Son, showing the stunning visuals we're all already used to, paired with select lines of praise from the press.

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GarrusVakarian1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Wow, that neon shock wave at the end......... http://images3.wikia.nocook...

I can't wait for this!

ShugaCane1705d ago

I replayed Infamous 2 recently. Such an insanely fun game but Damn! It looks like a psOne game now, compared to this lol.

Can't wait either !!

TomShoe1705d ago

Wow. Those GRFX.

Everybody should pronounce the word "Graphics" as "GRFX" now. They look so good nowadays.

Eziowellington1704d ago

Same here, and i felt the same way, well more like ps2 to me not ps1 lol. funny thing still played the Good cole even though thats what i played as last time 0_o

pyramidshead1704d ago

I swear sometimes Infamous 2 was quite hard in some respects. Some of the big beasties could easily put you down if you weren't careful.

I've played good on both games so when ever they come back around on my rotation scheme I'll replay them as the jerk! :P

GameNameFame1704d ago

And this is actual press.

Not the press that MS has paid off behind the scene.

FamilyGuy1704d ago

Some of the DUP guys have a Rock power that I'm guessing they had implanted in some kind of way. Maybe through experimentation or through some conduit that can give normal people the power. Either way that's another power so far.

I like how the powers they are coming up with have some originality. With all the Super hero comics out there it's got to be pretty hard to come up with original ideas. Neon was very surprising so I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Getting this game day 1.

Boody-Bandit1704d ago

I've been saying this since it premiered and I'm still saying it. This is the best looking game on any "console" (in my opinion) I've seen thus far. It's staggering that this is open world and with all that's going on and it appears to run smooth as silk. Again, staggering.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1704d ago

I cannot wait for this game!!! March 21st cannot come soon enough. GEttinng the collectors edition ;)

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Irishguy951705d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Agree, the Neon powers look like the best power so far in the franchise imo. Teleporting type abilities always get me. Do we have any confirmed other abilities yet? Or are there none/still secret?

Hmm good stuff Lucas

...water? When standing on water you can control the water and throw **** around. Maybe too hopeful..
Forget swimming swiming, you can fly around on a water spout.

I got nothing else...

Edit - Hmm, a common way to use water as a weapon...i'll give an example:


In infamous same thing could be done. Pretty much a highly compressed water gun for the R1 attack. Then use a wave for the push and have various powers while near water, such as again, water spouts and all sorts of waves/whirlpools etc. Hmm, what would be the grenade. Also, how about stealth? Being able to become a pool of water and use drains to get around, like Smoke going through vents.

GarrusVakarian1705d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

They are still secret, Sucker Punch were asked what power is their favourite and their was reply was something like "one that you guys haven't seen yet".

Hyped. Amazing graphics, especially for a 1080p open world game. If it's anything like the old Infamous games it will play well too. Sharp movements, but smooth gameplay.

And i agree on the neon being the best power so far, i love the vivid purple/pink and how it lights up the world around it, like this GIF for example - , i love how the particles light up his face right at the end.

GarrusVakarian1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I was thinking water too.....but how would that make an effective weapon? I don't know. It would look pretty sick to have water thrusters coming out of your palms though, lol.

I would also say Electricity again.....but that might be too close to neon.....

Part of me really wants to know what the other powers are now, but the other half wants to wait until i have the game for the surprise.

GarrusVakarian1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

"Then use a wave for the push and have various powers while near water, such as again, water spouts and all sorts of waves/whirlpools etc."

"Being able to become a pool of water and use drains to get around, like Smoke going through vents."

Those ideas sound amazing. Maybe you could even evaporate into wisps of steam/water droplets to travel around and then reform into your standard body....kinda like how you turn into ash particles when dodging but it would last longer and could basically use it to fly for a limited period of time.

So many possiblities. They must have had so much fun making this game.


I've been thinking about rock/earth power... I mean, we've seen ice (water), fire and electricity (sometimes coupled with wind/weather) before. Now it looks like they are trying to go for different stuff, so smoke (air and fire?), neon (light)... We had not seen earth based powers so far. It could be specially interesting as defensive powers.

Eonjay1704d ago

Sucker Punch Recently remarked that their favorite power hasnt been revealed yet. So at least one more is confirmed. We will have to see if its three total or more.

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Studio-YaMi1704d ago

This game & the upcoming MGS:GZ are games that will really define next gen.

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FamilyGuy1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I'm really liking that "This is for the players" tag.

So true

Can't friggin wait!

indyman77771704d ago

I'm thinking infamous is one of the best 10 franchises in the history of gaming. But still I'm greedy with requests. I love the grapple, please make it have even farther range. Which will require you to add a quick zoom, so I can aim to those buildings that are very far away. Maybe double tap L2 for zoom? And make the grapple happen sooner in the game. That is all, oh yeah, I'm not sure if this is possible but make the explosions even bigger and more fiery colored.

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Deeke1705d ago

Awesome stuff as usual, Giuseppe! Love your content and can't wait for Infamous although isn't it releasing as the same month as Watch Dogs and MGS V: Ground Zeroes? ;o

Abriael1705d ago

Watch dogs still doesn't have a release date, but yeah, it releases close to GZ

Ratty1704d ago

I was also under the impression Watch Dogs would release in March. However, since it hasn't been announced yet I'd say it's releasing later.

It's possible Ubisoft won't want to compete with all the games coming out in March. Which is understandable. Watch Dogs is on my priority list yet I still wouldn't get it over inFamous and GZ.

G20WLY1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

The particle effects, in particular, are so impressive compared to what we've had on PS3.

It's funny that Infamous one had incredible particle effects at the time and now this instalment continues to raise that same bar.

Makes me wonder if they were sharing experience/techniques with Resogun developers on this front. Can't wait for this game :)

HardcoreGamer1704d ago

i loved all the little things that went on in infamous, it was truly full to brim . 2nd was a huge leap in visuals to me. story was amazing, i hope second son is really good in all aspects

pyramidshead1704d ago

If I remember correctly the particles are a new addition because of the compute capabilities. They all compile on PS4s GPU. Sony's first party already snipping the top off of that architecture :P.

Chaostar1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

This is really looking like the first game that truly kicks off that next-gen feeling. It was Gears of War for me last gen, I'm hoping it's inFamous this time as I'm a big fan of the previous games and feel they were terribly underrated and overlooked.

Ratty1704d ago

It's been underrated and overlooked by some but I'm pretty sure it's still popular.

Chaostar1704d ago

Oh definitely but it deserves more in my eyes :)

WitWolfy1704d ago

I dunno .. I think MGS is the next gen game changer for me so far. that game looks insane!!! But now that I think about it, it does look MORE or less the same compared to last gen consoles now that I think about it...

Chaostar1704d ago

Well it's all subjective I guess. Personally I think MGS will be hindered by being multi platform and cross gen. I do think it looks pretty good though as all MG games do.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1704d ago

It was definitely an underrated beast but InFamous 2 definitely made it a franchise to be respected. Collectors edition here I come. March 21st!!!!

grassyknoll1705d ago

This & Dark Souls 2 in the same month: Gaming heaven.

Ratty1704d ago

Or hell. So many huge games I can't get all I want. I'll have to let go of Dark Souls 2 for now and it's not because I don't like it.

Hellsvacancy1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

And Final Fantasy X HD, SouthPark

Not enough time to play these awesome games

LoveOfTheGame1704d ago

Don't forget about Dying Light, and Titanfall if you have a PC or Xbox.

sitesucks1704d ago

Cant mention titanfall without getting marked down cause of the pro-sony community lol. even though infamouse and titanfall are both amazing games to start off next gen

MRMagoo1231704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I would say people would be looking forward to all the game mentioned, its gonna be a crazy month


You can mention titanfall when not trying to pretend its some magic game changer for the xbone when its also coming to pc and 360.

Your comment on the other hard was completely off topic and will probably be marked down as such. You didnt even make an on topic comment after your childish rant.

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