Microsoft: This is how you promote Xbox One

An outline of a way to promote Xbox One that makes the advantages of the system more obvious...

"Let's Play."

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Dwalls11711585d ago

Yet another bad blow MS will take in the court of public opinion. .

Naga1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I honestly don't expect Microsoft to catch up to Sony in the global market, but North America is still up for grabs. In either case, given how many consoles they have sold thus far, I would say they are doing well enough for the time being. Upcoming games like TitanFall (which comes out in less than 2 months) will give them the additional push they are lacking in the PR department, and may actually serve to scrub away some of the remaining grime they so generously lathered upon themselves at last year's E3.

In the court of public opinion, this case is only just getting started. Perhaps we should watch this play out at least through TitanFall and E3 2014 before rushing to judgments. Succeed or fail - that critical timeframe will make or break Microsoft in this console race.

mewhy321584d ago

I agree. I don't think that ms will catch Sony this time around. I feel that if they were to released a kinet free unit for 299.99 that it would fare much better. I would get one too if that were to happen. But the way that it stands more money for inferior hardware and forced to take the nsa camera is keeping me and millions more from buying the bone.

Naga1583d ago

I don't think it's a matter of "inferior hardware," or the "nsa camera," or the "kinet". Globally, it comes down to Sony being more marketable in international markets as a brand.

That's why the PS3 sold more than the Xbox 360. Sony is a juggernaut in Asia. That's the main reason why Microsoft can't get a foothold in the Japanese market. The only thing that could turn things around in the overseas market for Microsoft is a deal with China - that's really it.

Like I said, North America could swing either direction, depending on how things pan out with TitanFall and E3 2014.

dedicatedtogamers1584d ago

So a redditor can make a more interesting ad campaign in the space of a few paragraphs than Microsoft themselves?

Irishguy951584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Yeah same as Sony. Took them years to figure out a weird ass crying doll wasn't the right way to market a gaming console. What do you expect when MS name their new Xbox the Xbox One. Just ****ing nothing their heads I mean

dedicatedtogamers1584d ago

Man, that crying doll, or that weird girl with alien eyes. So creepy...

TBH the only PS ads I've enjoyed are the ones for PS1. Most of the others have been too weird for my taste.

Pogmathoin1584d ago

A perfect world was the best from Sony in what seems like forever... The best ever ad slogan came from Commodore Amiga when up against Sega, and they rented the Billboard right across from SEGA HQ in London too, 'To be this good, will take SEGA AGES' Brilliant...

JohnnyTower1584d ago

Apparently so. Too bad Microsoft spent so much money on their X1 campaign when they could have hired some blogger.
In all honesty though, X1 is out of touch with gamers at the moment. The 1080 vs 720, the 30 vs 60 fps argument is still going on and X1 is on the losing end.
I don't know if they should focus more on GAMES for X1 or what. It seems that they take the heat no matter what they do.

green1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

This would make a brilliant ad for the Xbox One no doubt. Far better than anything Microsoft has put out since the console launched.

Microsoft over the past few years have completely lost their way when it comes to commercials. Take the original Surface as an example; instead of them showing you why you should buy one, they instead show teenagers jumping around and doing back flips. Like wtf!!! How would that make me swap my ipad for a surface?

ipach1584d ago

a nice attempt. too bad that voice command won't do anything. and 'play' is very much their competitor's message and brand right now... almost shot for shot, this is kind of like sony's launch day sizzle reel actually...

DigitalRaptor1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Exactly. "This is 4 the players" is almost 2 perfect.

Sony really hit it deep in the hearts and minds of gamers.

Microsoft has really, really effed up their message. It's strange to see such a loved brand be dragged under the traffic, but they've earned whatever criticisms they are getting. Can they come back from that, and be as revered as Sony? probably not.

D-riders1584d ago

Man people are butt hurt about Xboxone that they are posting adverts for them. Xbox is trying to be an all in one device too late to the market that's their problem. While people have all in one tv why do you need a box for that. A 500 box at that