New epic trailer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Here is the first actual ingame footage trailer for Kingdom Come: Undeliverance, featuring more than 8 minuts of action, walkthrough and info about the game from the Czech creators of Warhorse Studios. Check it out.


The game is on Kickstarter ( ), support it or it will never come out!

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theXtReMe1980d ago

They are definitely getting my money. I like his attitude toward the project and user feedback driving future expansions. It looks phenomenal and combat looks fluid. I cannot wait to play it and hope others support the project, so we can all play the medeivel FPRPG we've always wanted.

stavrami-mk2979d ago

must say i like the look and am thinking of donating .although i do think the combat looks a little rigid but im surprised they didn't get a publisher .is this for pc or ps4 also ?

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Lord_Sloth979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

They mentioned consoles in the video so I assume they intend PS4, XB1, and PC. EVERYBODY SHARE THIS KICKSTARTER EVERYWHERE!!!!

stavrami-mk2979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

@ richard i think it is a second tier games but it still looks good .yea witcher 3 is my most eagerly awaited game but this game still looks enjoyable

@ lord i did watch vid but have just woke up from night shift must of missed that bit of info on it yea i will share i like the look of this

Lord_Sloth979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

I like that you called me "Lord". XXXP

stavrami-mk2979d ago

@ lord -short for gay lord lol

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whitefang1988979d ago

Deffinetly getting mine too, it looks fantastic. And not only should people support this game but as xtreme1 said we should be supporting this attitude and model of business with user feedback being a key role in how the game progresses. How many times have you played a game and felt they forgot about the actual gamers enjoying it and just released it for the $$$

MestreRothN4G979d ago

Me too!

Only a few bucks to punch F2P garbages in the face!

mshh4979d ago

Finally I can see a real cryengine game that not made by crytek this game make me remember the amazing graphics of crysis 1 this game is easy showcase the true power of cryengine this a true next gen alongside the division , second son , the order and quantum break.

MestreRothN4G979d ago (Edited 979d ago )


PC and MAYBE a console port. So I liked the cause, but I'm not backing it.

"15 bucks you get a digital copy". Right... The guys don't even know if they will RELEASE on consoles!

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