Why Playstation Now will kill consoles but save videogames

PS Now will irrevocably alter the gaming landscape. Screen Robot considers how this will affect you, whether you own a PlayStation 4 or not.

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MultiConsoleGamer1668d ago

Well here's the thing... PS Now isn't going to be the only horse in this race. An inevitable service by Google and Apple will be more popular and will reach more people.

You can also bet your life savings that Microsoft and Nintendo have a similar program in the works.

extermin8or1668d ago

Nintendo is many years in the past online gaming wise, wii u only really adopted a proper network a couple of years ago, this is/will be cutting edge nintendo never do cutting edge,Microsoft most certainly will and as the only company with significant exclusives they are the main competition oh and maybe steam... However-this wont kill consoles anytime soon, nor likely next generation.

colonel1791667d ago

PS Now will never end consoles. It will complement them, and even if other companies start doing it like Nintendo, Apple or Google, they will not release new games for the service. Those will be reserved for consoles and PC, because that's a profitable business, and they will not kill it.

You don't see movies going straight to Netflix and be exclusive to it. There will be games exclusive to PS Now, but the smaller kind, never a AAA game.

FarEastOrient1667d ago

PlayStation Now's ability to stream will be dependent on your internet. You better be ready to pay Time Warner, Comcast, etc. The ISP will keep the console alive by denying good access to services.

Pillsbury11667d ago

Nintendo? Have an online service? Hah.

3-4-51667d ago

Any article suggestions anything be "killed" or "doomed" is just a trash article.

Just trying to get hits.

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Austin481667d ago

No I want consoles for ever

aragon1667d ago

It might but with internet throttling I doubt it

Pancit_Canton1667d ago

I think PlayStation Now is mandatory for PS4. You need to connect your console of choice to either PS4 or PS3 to be able to stream it on either tablet,Vita or even PC of your choice.

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The story is too old to be commented.