What's the Best Assassin's Creed Game?

It’s time to take a look back at Ubisoft’s flagship franchise and see which entries did what the best.

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Kingthrash3601708d ago

AC2 brotherhood, next question.

mikeslemonade1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

The first one. It was all franchise fatigue after that.

Seahawks.. I hate Peyton. And I hate Richard Sherman, but I don't want Peyton to win another superbowl.

Kingthrash3601708d ago

lol! yeah after ac2bh...the homie E-Z-0 was the best assassin

theWB271708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

So the sequel that was released a few years after the first one was already fatigue? I honestly think that's hyperbole especially since 2 pretty much improved on every single aspect of 1.

On topic
AC is my favorite franchise and I've loved every single one...Revelations had the worst city. I hope they go back to a pretty old time period. Closer to AC1.

I hope Broncos smash the Seahawks. I'm a hoosier, Peyton did everything for our Colts. Win another one.

abzdine1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

AC1 is the worst game of this gen to me. what a scam with all that repetitivity!
I bought AC2 because there was a price cut on it long after the release just to give it another chance. I noticed improvement from the garbage first episode but it was still very boring.
I hate this series it's so overhyped for nothing. Animation is poor, different character at each episode and they all run climb fight the same way..
I liked the Italian history touch from the AC2 that was all!

ShinMaster1708d ago

AC4 > AC2 >>> all others.

1707d ago
Hellsvacancy1707d ago

I preferred the original game, first PS3 game I played, loved it, yeah it gotta little boring but it was all new, never played a game like it

After that the AC games went downhill after each release, more and more of the same every year

Highlife1707d ago

I have to some what agree with abzdine. I was so hyped for the first game only to be given a game that it's so repetitive and the combat was so simplistic. I was so let down. I haven't bothered with any of the other games. Although I am planning on playing Black Flag when I get a ps4.

Super Bowl
Seahawks don't stand a chance. There offense is terrible. Wilson has been playing average at best. Frankly don't want to see Richard Sherman win. Try winning with class.

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Hatsune-Miku1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

assassins creed 3 liberation is the best out of them all

Kingthrash3601708d ago

my second...woulda been first if they built it better. it had its problems but the story and main character were spot on.

AceBlazer131707d ago

2 was the best, downhill after that.

liquidhalos1707d ago

For me it was AC2, Ezio was my favourite

Retard1707d ago

Maybe I'm silly.. black flag was #1

cause it wasn't an AC generic game? I was so bored with AC after an hour I gave up, successors followed.

I picked up Black Flag cause hardly any RPGs hit launch next gen. Aside from weird Astergo moments, it was great

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Snookies121708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Gameplay-wise? AC IV. Overall? AC II.

Jyndal1708d ago

AC2 was the best imo.
Story was awesome, and for the time it released, the gameplay was so far beyond anything else.

brich2331708d ago

Assassins Creed 2 was the best in my opinion. I did like Assassins Creed 3 better than Black Flag. I didnt finish 1, Brotherhood and Revelations.

morganfell1707d ago

I am one of those odd people that prefer ACIII over the rest. Close to finishing IV now but they did so much right, and just a few things wrong, in III. I like that Conner didn't just put on the robes and suddenly he was an Assassin. He had to train and he had to earn them.

ACIII also had the most brutal combat. IV is just a lot of hacking and slashing. It is almost as if a different team developed that part of the game. And the ship combat in IV gets ridiculous when there are 15 boats out there circling everything. They just put too many ships in the game and ruins the thrill of the hunt.

However Ubi is developing this mornic habit of making you fight to get to a point in the game and then minute you earn an accolade and get ready to enjoy it the first time they take you out of the game for some ridiculous outside the animus experience. They did this in III the second you earn your Assassins robes and they do this in IV with your first ship capture where you tow it back to your new cove.

brich2331707d ago

I thought AC3 did have a better story than Black Flag. ANd all the boat stuff in Black flag was annoying. I only did 1 underwater segment and it was after I beat the game, there was no reason to go diving. I also thought the combat in AC3 was better as well.

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