Final Fantasy Tactics’ Spiritual Successor Might Come to PS4

CraveOnline: "Launched onto Kickstarter last week, Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians is a promising spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics, equipped with a designer and composer who worked on the legendary strategy RPG. While initially its crowd fund was only aimed at bringing the game to PC and handhelds, Sony might win a big console exclusive with its release."

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ftwrthtx1701d ago

The PS4 could use a game like this. Once the console launches in Japan, maybe we will get more RPG's.

JonnyBigBoss1701d ago

I almost forgot it's not even in Japan, yet.

abzdine1701d ago

it's too good to be true, so i prefer not to believe it for now.

dedicatedtogamers1701d ago

I'd warn people against this game before you do some in-depth research.

The dev team is namedropping Matsuno because they are using an approved design document from him as a guideline for the game's world and gameplay. He is not actively designing this game. He is not "on the dev team" so to speak.

ftwrthtx1701d ago

That's why they are saying "spiritual successor" I think.

Hard to compare it until more info is available, so I'm with you on the research.

TheDevil15inallofus1701d ago

Then why on his twitter account does he make multiple references to the team working with him and also that he's going to be involved in oversight?

They are not just namedropping. He's starting up with a different team since he's freelancing. Change isn't all bad and people talking like he's not really involved in the Kickstarter hurt more than they help. Give it a chance!

DarkBlood1701d ago

well you have my attention now lol

dbjj120881701d ago

Might actually back this

JonnyBigBoss1701d ago

Might?! What's wrong with you? :)

maniacmayhem1701d ago

Had the best times with Tactics, would love for some sort of sequel on a console instead of handhelds.

While we're at it how about a true Vandal hearts too.

ho0lee0h1701d ago

The developers are inexperienced with SRPG games. They have little to no experience. Like the previous commentor said, Matsuno is not actively working on this game. In fact, I believe the developers are based in the US. Texas if I'm not mistaken. I'd bet my money on this game flopping. Invest in Project Phoenix instead. People who have worked on countless other JRPGs are working on that one including FFT. And you can still get kickstarter rewards via paypal. Check them out instead.

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The story is too old to be commented.