Sony Offers Temporary Help For "Save File Corrupt Error CE-34878-0"

A temporary fix/workaround for Save File Corrupt Error CE-34878-0 was shared today by Sony, it may or may not work for all.

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MultiConsoleGamer1520d ago

Thank God I haven't had any problems.

MadMax1520d ago

I'm afraid to even start my PS4 up after hearing all this. I don't play online, so where does this corrupt file come from? Was it an update or do you have to be playing online? Haven't started up my PS4 for a few days.

GutZ311520d ago

It has to do with the game crashing while saving data.
It happens(ed) almost entirely while playing BattleField 4, but some people have reported it happening in other games.

The issue does not seem to be as wide spread as the media would like you to believe, so I think you're safe.

I haven't had any crashes on BF4 as of recent, so I think its safe for the time being to play that as well.

Ashunderfire861520d ago

Its the BF4 single player crash. Just play it up to the level old town, where you will get to the first checkpoint, then you will see the error. Play it offline at this point.

MadMax1518d ago

Hmm, thx. Have battlefield 4 and had not experienced one problem with the single player campaign yet. Have not played it in a week or so though. Thx for the info man!

AceBlazer131520d ago

An acquaintance of mine lost his save. Then he downloaded his cloud save.

WitWolfy1520d ago

I tried that, but didnt work.. Seeing my corrupted save got uploaded replacing the original save... Oh the irony...

Bowzabub1520d ago

You should have did it the instant it happened. If you wait it will auto upload the corruption.

WitWolfy1519d ago

Easier said than done bud, I dont play every day you know ;)

mafiahajeri1520d ago

oh the irony I tried to open this link andd got an error :/

XtraTrstrL1520d ago

LoL, same here, and I thought the same thing, how ironic.

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