Should we be Paying to Play MMOs in 2014?

If 2012 was the year the sub fee appeared to be in serious trouble amid a swath of free-to-play conversions, then 2013 was the year developers dug their heels in and refused to abandon the model. Despite popular opinion and the apparent trends of the industry, both The Elder Scrolls Online and WildStar announced they will be launching with subscription fees; given the battering such an approach took in the previous 12 months, this is a clear declaration of intent by the industry. Despite assumptions the sub model was preparing to keel over, we could be about to see a resurgence in a business model that many were ready to write off.

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Jdoki1638d ago

Every Free 2 Play game I have tried has barriers almost from the start that encourage people to spend money, and when the entire concept and design behind the game is geared towards making it harder for people to progress, it just seems like a flawed and un-fun model to me. Also, on average I have found that F2P games end up costing more over a monthly average than subscription. And if there's any whiff of Pay 2 Win, then I'll not touch the game.

I just prefer the subscription model. It works well. I know that if I want to gain items or levels I have to work for them rather than just flash the cash. I know how much it'll cost me to play for another month.

I suppose the simplest way I view it is that... F2Play seems to be about the destination, whereas Subscription is about the journey. I prefer the thrill of getting an Epic loot drop, rather than being tempted to buy it. I like to play the game at my pace (even if subscription games do have some grind), rather than hit a brick wall that is impassable without paying.

Overall I have more confidence in subscription MMO's, because the developer / publisher are making a statement that they believe their game is good enough, and has enough content to make people want to pay monthly.