Star Citizen Surpasses Astonishing $37,000,000 Crowd Funding Total; Gets Trinary Star System

Chris Roberts' Star Citizen continues breaking records, and today the upcoming space simulator reached and surpasses 37 million dollars in crowd funding. It's currently sitting at $37,001,871.

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_QQ_1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

PC exclusives (:

Bodge1282d ago

Hopefully it remains a PC exclusive so it doesn't get extremely watered down.

NatureOfLogic1282d ago

You do realize that PS4 could run this game better than the average gaming PC this game will be running on right?

Einhert1282d ago


Very doubtful considering this game is going to require cards in the upper end of the GTX 600 series cards to even run.

It is pushing benchmarks restricted hardware can't keep up with.

Irishguy951282d ago

With that CPU and GPU it's very unlikely Nature of Logic.

gcolley1281d ago

@NatureOfLogic Come back in 2 years and say that.

modesign1281d ago

you know this game was made 2 yrs ago, so its using 2 yr old tech, its not going to be using anything special.

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MWH1282d ago

profit is already made!

Studio-YaMi1282d ago

Yeah seriously! such commitment from the followers of this game!

Gonna have to boost up my gaming rig if I even want a chance to play it on high settings at least.

The_KELRaTH1281d ago

I ordered the Freelancer ship back in Oct 2012 as I really enjoyed all his previous WC and Privateer games.

I thought it would just get enough funding for some kind of WC remake, never thought it would get anywhere near or anything like $37m - it's just astounding.

SnotyTheRocket1281d ago

Now let's get No Mans Sky on Kickstarter, and have two awesome space games. For they are not the space games we want, but the ones that we need.

Saryk1281d ago

They got $65 from me. But the hanger sucks, I want to fly!

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