5 Reasons Why Titanfall Won’t Be A Call of Duty Killer

Call of Duty: Ghosts sales were down 19 percent year-over-year compared to Call of Duty: Black Ops II, according to market-analysis firm Cowen & Company.So it was like a suicide note for Call of Duty series.Again it seemed that Call of Duty is out of ideas and fan boys keep enjoying same game every year.But all these does not necessarily means that Titanfall will be COD killer.

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mos61421641d ago

who cares, a great game is a great game. there is a room and an audience for everyone. i really am tired of this fanwar BS

IndiaFPS1641d ago

Well bro it just a personal opinion , it will differ from person to person, Cheers !

Kingthrash3601641d ago

1. cod is killing itself people are realizing the game isnt evolving and unless they totally reboot the franchise it will lose its sales crown. imo if EA didnt [email protected]#K up bf4 it would have lost its crown already.
TF...well they kinda went the other way with the bots thing.
if it had no bots would have been much more attractive. and a better comparison could have been made...and if was on all platforms like cod is.

mikeslemonade1641d ago

Yea COD will kill itself.

Titanfall is just gonna be a stop gap title. You play it for about a month and stop.

Joey_Leone1641d ago ShowReplies(1)
hemmo19861641d ago

Another dumb article. Tell us your secret. I've never known anyone that can see into the future.

If the article read titanfall wasn't a cod killer meaning the game was out, than I'd give a hoot.

IndiaFPS1641d ago

Well at E3 people termed it as COD Killer, article is just giving an opinion not going into future !

DanielGearSolid1641d ago

This really isn't a good article

N311V1641d ago

Very poorly written and unlikely proofread. VGI stands for Video Games India but that's a poor excuse.

IndiaFPS1641d ago

Thank you for finding out what VGI stands for, Any suggestion for site name ?

HUMDANGUR1641d ago

i wish anything could be a cod killer or just cod completly change their formula they need to relise all their games feel the same and most of us liked the wow engine !

MacTastic1641d ago

As a PS4 owner I can say that the game looks good and would love to see it on my system. Just like I am sure that 360 owners would have liked to seen TLOU on their machines. As far as a call of duty killer COD is killing itself it does not need help from Titanfall.

n4rc1641d ago

Agree on all counts..

Tho I definitely see this as a cod killer.. Simply because these guys created cod as we knew it..

The engine hasn't changed since they left.. The shell of a company just tweaks and ruins it more each year.. Catering to everything except fair competitive play.

Enter respawn.. Who can make titanfall what mw3 should have been.

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The story is too old to be commented.