Buying Positive Coverage Of The Xbox One On YouTube Is Dumb On So Many Levels

Tech Dirt "We've discussed in the past how important YouTube is to gaming companies, focusing mainly on not getting over-aggressive in protecting intellectual property. Our general suggestions had been for gaming companies to invest in supporting YouTubers and building good relationships with those who promote their works."

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Bigpappy1704d ago

Disagree. It is actually very smart. Looks like some disagree with me. Others who understand the importance of social media understand that as long as this remains legal, it is a smart move. Those that know this is what they are doing, should know not to take youtubers seriously. I never did even before I found out about this.

GribbleGrunger1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

It's not legal, that's the point. Do people actually follow the news? It had a clause in the contract specifically forbidding any participant from informing their viewers they were promoting the product for money. That's what it's all about, NOT about paying for advertising. Watch this video and perhaps you'll have a better grasp of what's been going on in the last two days:

@Mustang300C2012: It hasn't been clarified, it's been brushed under the rug by MS hoping people will forget. MS will have a legal department that goes through every single legal document or contract with a fine tooth comb. If you honestly think MS 'overlooked' this or left it to another party (Machinama) to deal with, you are mistaken. At best they turned a blind eye, fully aware of what was going on but prepared to pass blame later IF the poo hit the fan.

Mustang300C20121704d ago

It has already been clarified from MS in a statement so none of this really matters and even if it did how the hell does this affect anyone? Let the gov deal with it if violations were made and it isn't like this is something new. People blowing I up over a couple thousands of dollars at that. Not like millions were involved with any of this.

BALLBAGS1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

@bigpappy . Its very smart?

after the bad stench surrounding the Xbox one since its reveal this is in no way a smart move, its just more bad press and making Microsoft look desperate.

this isn't just a debate in the gaming community where the parents who actually buy the consoles will never hear about it,this has gone MAIN STREAM media.people who hate the machine probably gave glowing reviews for Microsoft dollars,now people vwho may have bought the machine will wonder hold on why would Microsoft need to do that if the machine is great? are they not confident in its capabilities

I bought the Xbox one after the reversals I know many who didn't because of the DRM even though I told them its been reversed. Shit sticks and this is just another lump of doodoo on the Xbox one .

Bigpappy1704d ago

There lies the problem. I can not accept some guy talking on YouTube as a legitimate source of information. I listen to this guy rambling on about legal issues and morality, but nothing sticks because for all I know, he is just you or your big brother. If there are legal issues, a competitor will cry foul, and they will battle it out in court. Personally I don't see who is being hurt by this. To me its is like hiring a bunch of little PR guys.

I don't buy stuff because a lot of people on the internet say I should. I am here almost every day and still bought the X1 over the PS4. That is because I buy what I want. I bought the X1 over the PS4 because it is more suited for who I am. I just prefer to have it over PS4. That does not mean that I have to sell you on picking one up. That's for you to decide. I made my choice and always do.

GribbleGrunger1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

@Bigpappy: So you can't accept the word of someone this contract effects the most and has more experience of than any other poster or journalist we've heard from in the last 2 days? Totalbiscuit knows Youtube backwards and was a law student at one point. Listen and learn.

And you don't know who's been hurt by this? Are you serious? When MS get stick over this for weeks to come and you complain about it, are you STILL going to ask: 'who's been hurt by this?'

You open this debate with 'it's a smart move' and 'social media is important' but then go on to say in this reply that 'you don't buy products because other people tell you to.' So, IS it a smart move, or do you see yourself above the fools that get influenced by the social media?

Bigpappy1704d ago

GribbleGrunger: I am dead serious. I have no idea who this guy is or his motivation. He might be everything you say he is and more. But mom told me not to follow strangers. I know mom. Don't know this guy. But he could be completely right. We shall see.

xHeavYx1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

A lawyer could explain you why what MS did is not legal, but you'd cover your ears and yell to not to listen.
You can find all the excuses you want, but there is nothing smart about paying someone to talk positively about your product without letting the public know that the opinion is biased

ALARM-clock1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )


Just read the FTC terms for yourself. You don't need a lawyer to spell it out for you, they give specific examples for gaming promos and consumer-generated media (internet blogs, videos, websites, etc).

n4rc1704d ago

Since when is YouTube regulated in such a way?

You don't need to disclose its a paid advertisement.these people are already making videos and making money off them.. So ms will toss them some extra coin to mention Xbox.. Who the hell cares?

Quick answer.. Nobody important..

ziggurcat1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

@ mustang:

come on, now... if you've been paying attention in the last 9 months, you'd realize that MS hasn't exactly been very truthful in their statements. their response to everything has usually been a variation of "never heard of him."

this reeks of MS turning machinima into the fall guy. do you honestly think that machinima independently decided to offer money to youtubers for positive xbone reviews, etc... without MS being involved?

are you really that naive to take MS's word for it considering they have a history of throwing money around in exchange for positive lip service? for example: they (for a lack of a better term) bribed devs to only show the xbone version of their games on the floor at E3 last year.

@ n4rc:

again, it's about the fact that they *weren't allowed* to say that they had been paid, even if they were asked.

Joey_Leone1704d ago

Microsoft is willing to BREAK THE LAW to sell there garbage products? Why am i not surprised?

ALARM-clock1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )


"Who the hell cares?"

>The Federal Trade Commission

"You don't need to disclose its a paid advertisement"

> = Credible
>You = Not Credible

mikeslemonade1704d ago

It's not smart because the youtube crowd is actually smarter than the crowd that watches cable TV. Youtube might be filled with a lot of the 13-30 age group that flame, but it's a group that does do research so they can flame.

n4rc1703d ago

You can say FTC all you want.. It doesnt mean a damn thing.. Nothing illegal was done.. And they won't get involved even if you say their name 3 times in the mirror.. Or a million times on n4g

And stop your bs lies.. The contract was leaked.. We can all read it.. They had to use ms' campaign tag to qualify.. Not exactly hiding it..

And its for guys already making x1 videos.. Make a point to say which platform your using and dont talk shit about them and you get a few extra bucks..

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Eonjay1704d ago

Someone getting paid to show you a product can't tell you something they don't like about the product.

Bigpappy1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

So. You are going to trust some guy on the internet to tell you what is good or bad about and item you want to buy. Even if you were trying to get some consensus, would YouTube be your only source?

What is the difference between begging for good reviews, and paying for them. Take Amazon for example, when you buy a product, you are sent a note begging you for a 5 star review. If you are a professional service a that people rely on, this is a serious problem for both parties. But the or youtube is the internet. You can't go on there and just believe what 'joe smo' is saying.

n4rc1703d ago

They aren't telling you to buy it.. They also aren't told to lie..

So what's your beef?

001704d ago

actually it's not very smart, this destroys a lot of creditability about those speaking positively about the x box one. And Makes MS look desperate.

Pixel_Enemy1704d ago

I own my own photography business and I know for a fact that it would be frowned upon to pay people to leave me nice reviews. Yeah it might not be illegal but it isn't right.. The reviews would not be honest they would be biased based on $.

rainslacker1703d ago

Legality aside it does taint the chance that anything positive in the future will be taken with a grain of salt. After all, if something positive is said, how will we know it wasn't paid for.

Social media goes both ways, and it can burn as quickly as it can help.

That being said, paying for positive coverage is dumb, mostly because I feel that there is plenty of positive things about the X1 and it's games that it can be shown without having to pay for it. After all, another great thing about social media, is that there are plenty of people that will spread the word for free.

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Majin-vegeta1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )


There's a legal way and an illegal way of promoting your stuff.In this case M$ is in illegal terms.

Kaiou1704d ago

But putting Playstation adds IN Xbox videos is okay ?? remember that "Jumb Out"youtube ad banner ??

xHeavYx1704d ago

An ad is not the same as paying someone secretly to talk good about your product

MachineGunnTalk1704d ago

UUhhh who cares? *Goes back to playing xbox one*

MasterCornholio1704d ago

The FTC and and the ASA do.

And any other similar association.

cyguration1704d ago

Dang, some people are kind of thick these days... or reputation managers. It seems as if "illegal" and "unlawful" don't register.

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