Whatever happened to Star Fox?

GotGame: New games almost every year, each one providing a new spin on a classic idea. However, while those franchises are still going strong, there was one more that seems to have fallen off the deep end. His only appearance in a new game being the latest installment of Smash Bros. That being the adventures of Fox McCloud and the intrepid Star Fox team.

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HeavenlySnipes1638d ago

Died attempting a barrel roll


Geobros1638d ago

Star fox was a great series....I hope that Nintendo brings it back!!

ProLogY1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Star Fox 64 was fantastic, the branching paths and secrets really set it apart from other shooters.

What killed this series, was Nintendo's foolish attempts to make the newer entries more than they needed to be by pulling Fox out of his ship.

All they need to do is make a space shooter. Nothing more. Fans will go berserk. Seriously blows my mind that we have not seen a new entry in this series for 7 years.

CandyFace1638d ago

Agreed... I did a play through not long ago on the 64 and loved every second of it.
I hope to see Nintendo bringing that franchise back someday.

colonel1791638d ago

Star Fox 64 is exactly what Starfox series needs to be. Nintendo should improve upon that, and without changing anything.

dedicatedtogamers1638d ago

Nintendo could take it two ways (or both ways). They could either expand Star Fox into a bigger, more open space-sim/arcade-shooter combo. The most-funded Kickstarter of all time right now is Star Citizen, a space shooter. Or they could just revamp the arcade-style gameplay for a new gen. Honestly, I'd love to see Nintendo attempt to make it into a full-blown space sim/arcade shooter/exploration game with on-rails segments during - for example - boss battles.

MrSwankSinatra1638d ago

Star Fox is not series meant to be on the ground, i mean its in the damn name "STAR" Fox. why shoehorn something into series that has been known not to work. Ground Exploration & Star Fox do NOT go together, the sooner people realize this the better.

user95970821638d ago

I agree that the Zelda-clone Startox adventures was a lame excuse of a game but I wholeheartedly loved Starfox Assault. I'd love to see a new version with more contemporary controls for the foot segments.

And just so you know, Starfox 64 did have the ability to fight on foot in the multiplayer but you had to unlock it.

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maniacmayhem1638d ago

Exactly! What happened? Not one Starfox game during the Wii era. Starfox needs to make a triumphant return and the Miyamoto team needs to do it. Not Namco or any other third party team, I want the team that did Starfox 64 back at the helm.

illustratedDEO1638d ago

What ever happened to alot of things and/or popular ip's on the Nintendo Consoles.

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