Will the Vita Always be a Niche Console?

Sony’s handhelds have always been second to Nintendo’s in the west. The Playstation Portable was mainly owned by those who really loved Sony’s exclusive titles or people who enjoyed emulation thanks to the Playstation Portable’s homebrew scene. Many people argued that the PSP didn’t do as well as it should have thanks to piracy whilst others would argue that it’s doing just fine or that Nintendo’s portable consoles were just too big to overtake.

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bothebo1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Lol well the real value of gaming hardware is the software you can run on it. I'm surprised indies weren't addressed as they are not doing much for the system other than (poorly) filling a software drought along with Japanese shovelware (no not Toukiden or Final Fantasy X). The fact that we have no announced games from Sony outside of SCEJ is simply astonishing and shows that there is really no push to get this thing into people's hands. So yes, I think it is a niche handheld, a niche within a niche. I mean honestly there is no real diversity in its software catalog and indies will contribute very little if nothing to that with the majority of indie games being bland on the Vita.

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3-4-51700d ago

They do still need that "mario like" game that will sell 5+ million copies.

I think FF X/S-2 is going to help it sell a bit better and it's also getting more good games as the months go by.

2014-2015 should be good for the Vita, that is about the time (2-3 years) when the PSP started getting a ton of good games.

dedicatedtogamers1701d ago

It will be. Heck, if you look at PSP's game sales, the PSP was a niche console (even the highest-selling games never got more than 5m in sales) and I'm doubtful the Vita will sell more than the PSP.

I still love the dang thing. Gonna play the Toukiden demo tonight.

Protagonist1701d ago

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories sold close to 8m and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite close to 6m. Now considering how heavily pirated PSP games (out of 80m sold PSPs) was, "copies" of the games, was probably much higher.

Compare that to PS Vitas user base with 7.35m after two years, with three games close to a million each (Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified) it may seem like a niche, but games actually sell better for the PS Vita than the PSP.

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1701d ago

I don't think it's a niche handheld at all. There are tons of great games and the library is growing every month. If you own a PS4 you should own a Vita also. Until Playstation Now comes out that is. I'm Just Joking! But seriously it's a great system, except for the memory cards. They really need to change that! If you buy it you won't be disapointed, just don't buy the "new" one, buy the old one because it has a bmuch better screen! IMP

kopicha1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

indeed, Vita is definitely PS4's best companion. Seeing demo video or listening to how people talk about it is almost pointless. One needs to really hold it on their hands and actually use them together to really see magic between the 2.

Not to forget that With PS Plus, basically even if you dont buy any games for your Vita, you wont run out of games to play with it. Free games from Instant game collection + Remote Play anywhere as long as you have a good Wifi connection = Greatness Awaits

Team_Litt1701d ago

I'll answer that question with another question, what is a PlayStation Vita?
No I kid.
Yes, the Vita will always be a niche console, to sell less than 100k during the busiest month of the year in the biggest gaming market is not a good sign.

DualWielding1701d ago

yes, but even the 3DS is kinda niche in the West, most western studios and gamers see handhelds as second rate consoles, don't respect them like Japanese do.. that's why Vita main base would always be those that enjoy Japanese games

Aggesan1701d ago

You do know that the 3DS was the best selling console in every region during 2013, right? It's hardly niche.

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