PS4 Is Selling At A Faster Rate Than Xbox One

SAP Business Trends ",Just before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched back in November, I took a look at social media data to see how the two next-generation consoles were stacking up to one another.  At the time, the PS4 was being talked about more and perceived to be the more powerful console, while the game lineup of the Xbox One was getting more positive sentiment (via SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase).  Now that the consoles have been on the market for two months, I wanted to see if more PS4 chatter would be correlated with higher sales.  It appears that they are."

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dedicatedtogamers1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Why? Because it actually is selling the fastest?

HeavenlySnipes1551d ago

How many articles on the same topic need to be posted?

There are already 2 that have reached a high degree count and are plastered on "hottest" banner on the front page of N4G

georgeenoob1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )


Because it's $100 cheaper and available in 4x more territories. Herp derp. But when we look at a single territory, like the largest territory in the world, Xbox One continues to outsell playstation.


They're programming Kinect and voice commands to work effectively in select countries. And you call me an Xbox defender but ignore the playstation fans like Maria who is defending Sony and attacking MS literally 24/7 of his life.

kayoss1551d ago

Oh it's a bird, no it's a plane, its georgeenoob the Xbox defender. Why don't you go ask why Microsoft did not release the consoles in more countries? It seems like you and Phil spencer are great buddies.

SilentNegotiator1551d ago

"Because it's $100 cheaper and available in 4x more territories"

1) Reduce PS4's sales to JUST its top 13 would STILL be outselling the Xbox One.

2) Yes, it's $100 cheaper because they aren't forcing a gimmicky camera on all of their buyers. It's about price AND policy.

mikeslemonade1551d ago

Well if you read the article the guy is trying to shed light on the one week headstart on the PS4. He's claming that in the same time the PS4 would have only sold 3.6 million instead of 4.2 million by Dec 28th because of the one week head start.

Which the guy is correct but Sony sells every PS4 that is manufactured while the X1 is in stock in every store. And the one week head start doesn't matter in the long run for example if PS4 sold zero this week it would only lose by 106,010 units which is what X1 sold worldwide this week.

And congratulations to Sony because it is now in the middle of January and the PS4 managed to outsell the DS worldwide on a weekly basis.

dedicatedtogamers1551d ago

Sales are sales are sales. Or are we focusing on "market share percentage" now? I can never keep track.

AceBlazer131551d ago

Pause for a moment. When the article about xbox selling more in December came up, weren't some of you saying it's sony's fault for spreading themselves thin? Now here we have this same reasoning being used as an excuse as to why it's outselling xbox.

Don't you guys get tired shifting goal posts whole day?

kayoss1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

The problem i have with you Georgeenoob is that you dont know what humility is. I remember you touting that the xbox one will eat the Ps4 for breakfast before the consoles release, you touted that xbox one will sell more then ps4. But now you are sitting here and coming up with excuses after excuses. Let me ask you a question, are you a part of the Machinma Promotion thats why you cant say anything negative about Microsoft?
Its not Sony's fault that Microsoft did not release in more countries, its not Sony's fault that Microsoft decided to release Kinect with every Xb1, Its not SOny's fault that microsoft can not program kinect and voice commands in time to release in other countries, its not Sony's fault that the XB1 is $100 cheaper.
What ever "console war" this is that is going on between the PS4 and xb1 is not over yet, but show some humility and accept that the fact that microsoft dropped the ball.

MuhammadJA1551d ago

No, because the article didn't provide something new.

SITH1550d ago

13 Countries

53 Countries

It better be selling at a faster rate.

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Joey_Leone1551d ago

That's the power of the PS4. PS4LIFE

bryam19821551d ago

isn't ps4 still outselling xbone in the usa like for 100 thousand units? and not counting that ps4 is not even been available

ZeoN1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

PS4 hard bruh

BALLBAGS1551d ago

Wonder if you would make that comment if it was reversed?

judging by your comment history I just answered my own question

Spenok1550d ago

It certainly would be news if it was reversed. Based on what trends said about both consoles before and just after launch, it was expected that the PS4 would outsell Xbone.

However the PS4 does have several slight advantages. The fact that it is more powerful, and according to devs easier to develop for. As well as being available in more countries, AND being $100 cheaper.

So I say again, the Xbone outselling the PS4 would be news. Not bad news, just unexpected news.

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