7 Widespread Xbox One Issues & How To Fix Them - Party Chat, Installs Stuck At 0%, And More

Nerdacy: We’ve found that there are about seven widespread issues people have been having with the Xbox One since launch–we don’t mean widespread as in tens of thousands, but still more than a handful–and have found a few user solutions for them. We hope they help!

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Thanks a lot, Even though this site is pro sony, it gives me hope that at least not all the articles you guys post are anti MS lol

BluEx610977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

Don't get angry that people post so much anti MS articles.... Blame MS for giving them so much material to report on in the past year lol.

LogicStomper977d ago

I can already see how this article could be spun.

Naga977d ago

I haven't had any of these "widespread" issues. Either way, it's always good to have a collection of troubleshooting solutions for people who do encounter them.

malokevi977d ago

Lol, me neither. But hey, if the internet and N4G say they are widespread, I guess we have no choice but to take them.... at their word....

*desperately tries to contain laughter*

vikingland1977d ago

I haven't had any issues with XB1 or PS4. I must be lucky because I never get crappy consoles. Never had rrod or ylod. Never had a console break in over 30 years of gaming.

On topic I'm glad there are fixes for people that have problems.

Jeedai Infidel977d ago

How about you give me some lotto numbers, eh ;-)

Blaze929977d ago

personally had none of those issues.

Dynasty2021977d ago TrollingShow