5 Reasons Why Valve's 'Steam Machines' Won't Disrupt The Video Game Industry

Forbes - There’s plenty of hype and excitement over the coming of the Steam Machine—a Linux-powered gaming PC designed for big-screen (formerly known as Steam Box.)

The Valve-spearheaded project looks to be as much an attempt to distance PC gaming from Windows as it is a push into the living room. Valve, the makers of games like Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead, has spent years focused on hardware research and design, and the Steam Machine and its various peripherals are the first major fruits of that labor.

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dedicatedtogamers1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I agree with most of these reasons. The console market is becoming splintered again, similar to how it was in the early/mid '90s. During the PS2/PS3/360/Xbox/Gamecube/Wii generations, those were...pretty much the only consoles (setting aside SEGA; r.i.p). It was just "The Big Three". PSP and DS were the only handhelds.

But in the early/mid '90s we had a lot of extra handhelds like Lynx, N-Gage, Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket (and NGP Color), etc. as well as 3D0, Jaguar, Saturn, CD-i, Neo Geo CD, and so forth. A lot of splintering.

And we're going to have a similar situation this time around. A lot of outlier consoles on the market, causing more splintering. If anything, I think it'll steal sales away from dedicated PC boxes and maybe take some sales away from PS4/X1 (a very tiny amount) but when there are a ton of choices on the market, people tend to go with the most popular console(s) as we saw with the PS1's utter dominance.

ShinMaster1671d ago

Steam Machines are basically branded PCs running SteamOS.