10 bold Sony gaming predictions for 2014

GamesRadar - What lies ahead for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita? How will they amaze, entertain and (to a lesser extent) disappoint us in 2014? No-one knows for sure. Well, that's a lie--people like Jack Tretton probably know, but he's keeping quiet for now. So, in the absence of hard facts, and because it's January and there are no games to talk about, here are my predictions for Sony's year ahead.

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Mikey322301669d ago

I dont think any of those predictions are very BOLD.

Many are obvious/all but confirmed, others are just Obvious things that Sony SHOULD do but probably wont.

KillerBanana71669d ago

I think Sony Santa Monica should announce a new IP at this year's E3 and let GOW rest for a bit. I want to see what else a talented studio like Santa Monica can do especially with the power of PS4 :) Then after that they can announce a new GOW game that will blow us all away!

WeAreLegion1669d ago

Why do they hate HOME so much? And Sumo Digital is working on LBP3. I guarantee it.

Hicken1669d ago

I wanted to give an informed reply, but I refuse to click through 13 pages, or slides, or whatever.

trenso11669d ago

$120 is too much for a price drop i would say $150 and look at FFversus it was announced in 2006 and still hasnt release and has now jumped gens so i think TLG can do the same they would just need to re-announce the game.