Xbox One XB1M13 YouTube Participants Listed; 11 Million Viewers Reached

Gaming Blend "Microsoft and Machinima's XB1M13 campaign was budgeted for only $3,750 to hit 1.25 million potential viewers, but the duo managed to include more than 85 possible users under the MCN, with a total of 78 channels broadcasting the campaign to reach a total estimated subscriber base of more than 11 million viewers.

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XiSasukeUchiha1582d ago ShowReplies(1)
Dwalls11711582d ago

If MS isn't careful they will destroy their relationship with fans and consumers for their Gaming division...

They cant afford to take another blow like this

GamerzElite1582d ago

After Expose more people watched those videos.

pyramidshead1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

theradbrad.....nooooooooooooo! :(
Only person I watch on youtube lol.

Deano73941582d ago

I've just unsubscribed from him, can't support anyone who takes part in this.

Kryptix1581d ago


I did the same thing and unsubscribed to a few others. I understand making extra money for something you already do but not being open and honest about it and the "you can't say anything negative about the game" kills it. I like reviews and walkthroughs to be honest, to point out the positives, the flaws, the best and worst moments. Not cover up the bad with money. It's just as bad as developers of shitty games giving perfect 10s in Metacritic.

amiga-man1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

M$ seem to be doing their best to destroy any faith people may have left in them, only fanboys seem to be in denial about this,

normal people wouldn't defend this, M$ really need to change their ways, their mask is slipping and more and more of the public are seeing them for who they really are, sleazy and underhand isn't a good look.

ThePope1581d ago

Normal people don't read about gaming news. They buy what they like and don't pay any attention to the white noise.

On top of that any intelligent person knows A. that all companies do this type of this sort of thing. You think Sony doesn't pay for good press, then you are high. Hell N4G must be making millions!

amiga-man1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )


whether people read gaming news or not isn't the point I was making, any normal person aware would not defend it, the fact they don't know something doesn't mean they would agree with it if they did.

The argument that all companies do this sort of thing is still no reason to defend M$ in fact if it happens everyone should be concerned and whatever you think of other companies actions M$ track record of abusing there dominance in the computer market using it to bully others is well known, as a company ethically I don't think there is of a worse example than M$

Muerte24941582d ago

strangely enough, Adam Sessler has been suspiciously quiet on the matter. Microsoft/Machinima pay youtuber channels to "positively" promote their products and he not trying to "march on the capital". Now Sony having HDCP protection on their PS4, as well as their PS3, now that's something I can start a grassroots off of./s

ThanatosDMC1582d ago

Adam Sessler probably gets $$$ from MS. It is odd the douche havent opened his mouth yet.

ALARM-clock1581d ago

Expect a Sessler's Something on the topic of Sony Too™ by the end of this week. ;-P

Back-to-Back1581d ago

Just give him time and I am sure he will comes to the defense of MS. They must treat him well since he never downplays the xbox one.

VENOMACR12271582d ago

Why do people care so much? I don't get it. Does it matter if they paid people to say good things about their system? I was buying one regardless of what paid people said.

Tell me, when's the last time you saw a commercial for a product, any product, and the so called "random" people don't endorse the product? What company would have a commercial or video talking negatively about their product? Not sure why people care. If you buy the product and enjoy it, that's all that matter. No company would advertise and show you the poor reviews.

I just don't get the big deal. People said they liked the X1, ok good for them. It's no different then if someone says the X1 sucks. Either way, comes down to your opinion and if you are buying. People really blowing this out of proportion.

Muerte24941582d ago

I'm pretty sure you've seen at the bottom of ads..."This is paid advertisement". People have a problem because in the email it specifies that you cannot reveal your involvement in the campaign. If you're not allowed to "bad mouth" the company or their product then it ceases to be an opinion. At least put a disclaimer at the bottom of your video saying that you've been paid to "endorse" that said product.

malokevi1581d ago

Who cares? 11 million viewers, $3750, sounds like a win for MS to me. As if any of the people complaining endlessly actually care for the "victims" of this "tragic scandal".

Gamers don't care. Fanboys do. It's funny to watch neogaf and N4G explode with fained "concern". lol.

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FITgamer1582d ago

S*** is about to get real.

Kayant1582d ago

For once I can agree with cinema blend.

Stryfeno21582d ago

I never thought what YouTube prescribers said was law...I make my own opinion and you should too.

DragonKnight1582d ago

No one makes their total opinion based off of what a YouTuber says, but it does help to have the opinion of an average person just playing games. That's why a lot of people like reviewers like AngryJoe. YouTube reviews from regular people are normally more trustworthy than things backed by publishers and corporations because money hasn't been funneled in to buy an opinion. When you find out that normal people that are part of an MCN are then having their opinions bought and paid for, you then begin to question if any review or opinion that might help you with a final decision is credible or not.