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Xbox One XB1M13 YouTube Participants Listed; 11 Million Viewers Reached

Gaming Blend "Microsoft and Machinima's XB1M13 campaign was budgeted for only $3,750 to hit 1.25 million potential viewers, but the duo managed to include more than 85 possible users under the MCN, with a total of 78 channels broadcasting the campaign to reach a total estimated subscriber base of more than 11 million viewers. (Industry, Machinima, Microsoft, Xbox One, YouTube)

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NatureOfLogic  +   591d ago
Exposed, lmao.
Dwalls1171  +   590d ago
If MS isn't careful they will destroy their relationship with fans and consumers for their Gaming division...

They cant afford to take another blow like this
GamerzElite  +   590d ago
After Expose more people watched those videos.
pyramidshead  +   590d ago
theradbrad.....nooooooooooooo! :(
Only person I watch on youtube lol.
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Deano7394  +   590d ago
I've just unsubscribed from him, can't support anyone who takes part in this.
Kryptix  +   590d ago

I did the same thing and unsubscribed to a few others. I understand making extra money for something you already do but not being open and honest about it and the "you can't say anything negative about the game" kills it. I like reviews and walkthroughs to be honest, to point out the positives, the flaws, the best and worst moments. Not cover up the bad with money. It's just as bad as developers of shitty games giving perfect 10s in Metacritic.
amiga-man  +   590d ago
M$ seem to be doing their best to destroy any faith people may have left in them, only fanboys seem to be in denial about this,

normal people wouldn't defend this, M$ really need to change their ways, their mask is slipping and more and more of the public are seeing them for who they really are, sleazy and underhand isn't a good look.
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ThePope  +   590d ago
Normal people don't read about gaming news. They buy what they like and don't pay any attention to the white noise.

On top of that any intelligent person knows A. that all companies do this type of this sort of thing. You think Sony doesn't pay for good press, then you are high. Hell N4G must be making millions!
amiga-man  +   590d ago

whether people read gaming news or not isn't the point I was making, any normal person aware would not defend it, the fact they don't know something doesn't mean they would agree with it if they did.

The argument that all companies do this sort of thing is still no reason to defend M$ in fact if it happens everyone should be concerned and whatever you think of other companies actions M$ track record of abusing there dominance in the computer market using it to bully others is well known, as a company ethically I don't think there is of a worse example than M$
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Muerte2494  +   590d ago
strangely enough, Adam Sessler has been suspiciously quiet on the matter. Microsoft/Machinima pay youtuber channels to "positively" promote their products and he not trying to "march on the capital". Now Sony having HDCP protection on their PS4, as well as their PS3, now that's something I can start a grassroots off of./s
ThanatosDMC  +   590d ago
Adam Sessler probably gets $$$ from MS. It is odd the douche havent opened his mouth yet.
ALARM-clock  +   590d ago
Expect a Sessler's Something on the topic of Sony Too™ by the end of this week. ;-P
Back-to-Back  +   589d ago
Just give him time and I am sure he will comes to the defense of MS. They must treat him well since he never downplays the xbox one.
VENOMACR1227  +   590d ago
Why do people care so much? I don't get it. Does it matter if they paid people to say good things about their system? I was buying one regardless of what paid people said.

Tell me, when's the last time you saw a commercial for a product, any product, and the so called "random" people don't endorse the product? What company would have a commercial or video talking negatively about their product? Not sure why people care. If you buy the product and enjoy it, that's all that matter. No company would advertise and show you the poor reviews.

I just don't get the big deal. People said they liked the X1, ok good for them. It's no different then if someone says the X1 sucks. Either way, comes down to your opinion and if you are buying. People really blowing this out of proportion.
Muerte2494  +   590d ago
I'm pretty sure you've seen at the bottom of ads..."This is paid advertisement". People have a problem because in the email it specifies that you cannot reveal your involvement in the campaign. If you're not allowed to "bad mouth" the company or their product then it ceases to be an opinion. At least put a disclaimer at the bottom of your video saying that you've been paid to "endorse" that said product.
malokevi  +   590d ago
Who cares? 11 million viewers, $3750, sounds like a win for MS to me. As if any of the people complaining endlessly actually care for the "victims" of this "tragic scandal".

Gamers don't care. Fanboys do. It's funny to watch neogaf and N4G explode with fained "concern". lol.
FITgamer  +   591d ago
S*** is about to get real.
Kayant  +   590d ago
For once I can agree with cinema blend.
Stryfeno2  +   590d ago
I never thought what YouTube prescribers said was law...I make my own opinion and you should too.
DragonKnight  +   590d ago
No one makes their total opinion based off of what a YouTuber says, but it does help to have the opinion of an average person just playing games. That's why a lot of people like reviewers like AngryJoe. YouTube reviews from regular people are normally more trustworthy than things backed by publishers and corporations because money hasn't been funneled in to buy an opinion. When you find out that normal people that are part of an MCN are then having their opinions bought and paid for, you then begin to question if any review or opinion that might help you with a final decision is credible or not.
Mikefizzled  +   590d ago
The guy who can't spell Official anywhere near right is a partner with Machinima? What?
Steph2k10  +   590d ago
The article is flawed, collectively 11 million subscribers however many people are subscribed to multiple channels i my self saw at least 20 channels im subbed to that where on that list.
iceman1346  +   590d ago
god damn it MS.. god damn it.....
Goku781  +   590d ago
Money, power, no respect for how you sell Xbox Ones. What will you come up with next MS?
MasterCornholio  +   590d ago
I didn't know it affected so many channels

Edit: thank god none of my channels are on that list.
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TemplarDante  +   590d ago
At this point, if you trust MS. You are a fool. And things like this is why I say guys like MrCTeam are payed guys to manipulate consumers.
ElementX  +   590d ago
If somebody truly hates MS and Xbox One they wouldn't own the system. Furthermore, if somebody did own the Xbox One and disliked it, I don't think a few dollars would be enough to get them to promote it. Nobody told these Youtubers to lie, if they dislike the system and still took advantage of a few bucks, that's on their conscience.

Plus from what I've read, you didn't even have to praise the Xbox One, you can just show some footage and say that you're playing it on Xbox and leave it at that.
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BALLBAGS  +   590d ago

you had to speak positive show atleast 30seconds gameplay and the killer which many are calling illegal is you could not say anything negative about the console.therefore you only have praise left nomatter how dishonest
ElementX  +   590d ago

8.3. DUTIES.

9.(I) Your specific duties shall be to promote the Xbox One Release, as described below.

10.(II) You shall perform the following “Promotional Requirements” during the Campaign Term:

11.a) Campaign Videos: Create at least one (1) or as many video(s) as You desire, with minimum running time of sixty (:60) seconds, in which You provide commentary about Xbox One Release and Games (each a “Campaign Video”). The Campaign Videos shall be uploaded and viewable on Your YouTube Channel, and nowhere else, during the Campaign Period. The Campaign Video shall include:

12.- You Campaign Video is “Tagged” with the following tag “XB1M13” (“Campaign Tag”). The Campaign Tag must not be modified in any way and Campaign Videos that do not incorporate the “XB1M13” tag in their tag section will not be eligible for the Compensation (as defined below) under this Agreement.

13.b) Campaign Video Guidelines: As part of the Campaign Videos, You must comply with the following guidelines for this Campaign:

14.1. Do not post any Campaign Videos until January 13 at 12:00am PT;

15.2. You may not say anything negative or disparaging about Machinima, Xbox One or any of its Games in your Campaign Video;

16.3. You must feature at least thirty seconds (:30) of gameplay/footage of any Xbox One game within the first 2 minutes of Campaign Video

17.4. You must verbally mention that you are playing the game shown on the Xbox One console.


There is NO requirement to say anything POSITIVE, only that you can't say anything NEGATIVE
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n4rc  +   590d ago
Uh oh.. Someone posted the facts..

Disagrees but no replies are sure to follow.. Lol

Maybe people are so used to being paid to trash a product.. Oh wait.... Lol

That's standard practice for all advertisment
JokesOnYou  +   590d ago
Yep n4rc Uh oh is right.

ElementX you posted logic about how unlikely a few bucks would make a ordinary person praise something they dont like or were not happy to say something good about.

Not only that but you posted facts about the terms which further damages the idea that these folks were forced at gunpoint to make up lies saying X1 is the greatest thing since sliced bread=

Put on your flak and helmet you will soon receive incoming PM mortar fire, your presence on n4g is no longer welcomed.

-Don't even think of mentioning that sony stance when caught trying to pretend avg joes were making psp homemade fan vids they said this type of marketing was:
"a common practice across the industry"

-You are a marked man now, watch your back, hopefully you won't be banned soon for having a valid opinion of your instead of following the hive mind rules.
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r21  +   590d ago
I had a suspicious feeling of theRadBrad doing the same thing. He kept mentioning the X1 several times through his videos. Understandable, Id do it if it meant extra cash.
Steph2k10  +   590d ago
theRadBrad banks enough of that "Youtube Money $$" he has over 2 million subs, and gets millions of views on each of his videos, his on a high 5 low 6 figure salary just from doing youtube.
r21  +   590d ago
Im just saying, it makes sense why someone like Brad would do it. More chances to get more cash, even if a lil bit, is highly tempting.
BABY-JEDI  +   590d ago
Not again MS. This is downright underhanded. Bribery = corrupt reviews = consumers being mid-led.
Just don't click corrupt sites
VENOMACR1227  +   590d ago
Um, how is it different then a so called "doctor" coming on TV during a commercial and giving his endorsement for a product? You think he did that for free or they would put someone on that said the product sucks and doesn't work? I guess you've never seen a commercial, because if you have, you'd know that every commercial portrays their product better then the competition. NO company would have a commercial saying the competitors product is better. That's poor marketing.
Stryfeno2   590d ago | Spam
kayoss  +   590d ago
are you sure they are doctors and not actors?
BABY-JEDI  +   590d ago
My reply. Alien Colonial Marines. People bought this product assuming it was something that it wasn't. What will the next step be from MS if this is freely accepted by everyone? It will be Alien Colonial Marines all over again & again. Now, how is that ok?
DragonKnight  +   590d ago
It's different because in that commercial with that "doctor" you will always be able to see somewhere, even if it's very hard to see, "this is a paid endorsement" or "this is an actor" to tell people that this person's "opinion" is actually bought and being read off a script. What happened with this Machinima thing was real people being paid to promote Xbox One, being unable to say anything even remotely negative about it, and being unable to say that they were being paid to make the Xbox One look good.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   590d ago
I think this is blown way out of proportions. If people can convince people to buy a console and get payed for it I really don't see a problem? Even if people dislike the console and they promote it, why would it matter? Imo those people are worse then MS/Machinima, to throw away what they stand for and lie to their followers if they do not agree with what they are saying. I'm quite sure people can make up their own minds whether they believe people or not. I highly doubt people are so gullible that when someone says it's a "Great Console" or whatever they would instantly buy it.

It is not like MS/Machinima is threatening to shut them down if they don't talk good about the Xbox One. If you are promoting the Xbox One already, because you genuinely enjoy it and you can earn some cash in it, why not?

People lying to their followers (if they genuinely don't like the Xbox One due to whatever reason, but act like they love it) should just be prepared to get burned and lose a lot of followers for selling out.
#15 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
FarEastOrient  +   590d ago
This isn't blown out of proportion, this is a potential case for the FTC. Since the videogame is an industry that exist in the states.
n4rc  +   590d ago
Lol.. Yeah... Let me know when that actually happens..

Saying something is illegal doesnt make it so.. People here are incredibly confused on this topic
GTgamer  +   590d ago
Lemme guess MS pays you too :)
kenshiro100  +   590d ago
@ n4rc

You never fail to amaze me. Defend Microsoft to the very death, even if what they're doing may be illegal.
VENOMACR1227  +   590d ago
Agreed, bubble for you @VaizardNL.

You and I seem to be the minority. I wonder if every person that is changing their tampon is a PS owner. I for one don't care if they paid people. No different then any commercial on TV advertising for a product. People should make up their own minds, not buy something because someone said it's good.

I prefer Coke but if someone approached me and said hey, we'll pay you to say something positive about Pepsi, I'd do it. Free money to spend 30 seconds talking positively about something. Wow, that's a tough decision.....
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T2  +   590d ago
An advertisement must be disclosed as such. I don't care either because I would never buy anything based on some YouTube person but it's still the law and everyone knows it so it's shady business at best, illegal at worst
liquidhalos  +   589d ago
no need to personally attack all ps owners
kayoss  +   590d ago
BLown out of proportion?? no this is illegal especially in the United States. What is it that you dont get?
NoLongerHereCBA  +   590d ago
I don't see how it is illegal if they don't really control what is being brought to the public by 'famous' youtubers? At least from what I read it is not like everything has to be screened first by MS/Machinima in order to count, which doesn't actually put MS/Machinima in control nor allows them to 'censor' negative news.

I am not knowledgeable of American law, but I think it is worse that there are people who are so gullable that they value Youtubers opinions over their own and thus from what they see/feel when viewing a game online.

I do condemn people for lying about games. So saying that certain games contain multiplayer or have x-amounts of resolution, while they don't is really a no-go. Those people however will be filtered out by the not so gullable and I honestly believe/hope that there are more of those around.

Nowhere is it being stated that they force people to lie. They will be awarded for being positive though, so it is up to the people itself to lie or speak what they actually feel. It all depends on the followers and whether they allow it to be fooled/lied to.

This to me is the same as people on those, we call it 'tell sell' commercials. They show people that have so called; "used a product" and they praise the product to the heavens, but it's actually a bunch of bull, since they haven't used it at all. They are just "acting".

This even seems less worse, since these people aren't being told what to say since they don't follow a script. They can say positive things without having to lie.
#15.3.1 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report
GentlemenRUs  +   590d ago
At this rate M$'s PR team will get flushed down the toilet... Why did they do it in the first place?
#16 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   590d ago
Mmmm........MS+M's........ ..
first1NFANTRY  +   590d ago
Wow the whole gaming industry officially can't be trusted. Way to ruin my beloved industry MS you plague.
T2  +   590d ago
Well to be fair the gaming journalists were always mainly garbage lol
first1NFANTRY  +   590d ago
Lmao you have a point there. I never really trusted reviews from certain websites. This just guarantees the bias ps gamers have been saying for years.
Steph2k10  +   590d ago
lets not forget that sony has done this plenty


So before we blame MS lets not forget that other companies have done this on a more grand scale.
GentlemenRUs  +   590d ago
Present day > 8 years ago

Why do you people never learn?
Steph2k10  +   590d ago
How long ago does not matter, the fact are facts, you just cant turn a blind eye because its old news. Its simply a precursor to what may happen again. So before you get your Knives and Torches out remember that others have done this before on bigger scale.
LKHGFDSA  +   590d ago
movie reviews aren't related, and as for the PSP thing, I can't tell if it was a parody blog.
just read this description of it http://www.pcworld.idg.com....
and watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watc...
it really doesn't look like it's pretending to be real.
DragonKnight  +   590d ago
Actually, how long ago does matter. If MS had released the Xbox One 8 years ago and did this, then they wouldn't have done anything illegal.

The FTC laws for this came into affect in 2009 which means that the unrelated SonyToo™ links you're providing were instances that weren't against FTC guidelines and also didn't involve regular people being paid to lie.
n4rc  +   590d ago
Yet people still bring up rrod.. Lol

Its funny how the rules change depending on who is talking
T2  +   590d ago
Where's the Sony too TM??? Sorry your comment is copyrighted due to sony too copyright infringement..
Pathetic argument
#19.2 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kenshiro100  +   590d ago
Just because Sony was in a similar situation eight years ago doesn't make it right or okay for Microsoft to do it.

#19.3 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TristanPR77  +   590d ago
Saddly, this hurts the industry because you don't know who to trust anymore and who is talking and honest review.

The psychological damage here is that every time you watch someone talking about xbox one you will think: Jum, is this guy being paid to say all that stuff conveniently in favor of the xbone?
There is no psychological damage. That is far-fetched to say the least. Did you even read the guidelines? They were not required to say anything positive about the console, all they had to do was mention the game was being played on the console. They were not allowed to say anything negative about the console which is the same with every other form of advertising. You know the thing companies do to market their products. Have you seen Apple release an ad that tells you that iOS7 has problems. Did you see a Chevy ad that said you would be spending more money on gas? If a youtube personality hated the console and still took the money and said positive things about it, then how is MS to blame for that greed? Is it a company's responsibility to guide an individual's moral compass?
JokesOnYou  +   590d ago
^^^^ Amen.

Logic hurts ps fanboys soap box rants. I'd like to borrow your comment and quote you in other news on this subject.
Yeah you can use it anytime you like. I know the Xbox One is not perfect, neither is MS but the wolf cries have reached frenzied heights.
cyphertech  +   590d ago
People will forget this like they always do. People remember crap like RIIIIIIIIIDGE RACERRR moments more than moments like these. Keep bending over general public
Kribwalker  +   590d ago
You are all a bunch of idiots if you think sony doesn't do this as well. Everyone does this. It's so stupid

Belking  +   590d ago
yea, but its ok when others do it. This is N4g. They promote everything sony and its the opposite for MS. Thats what the site is paid to do. Its so obvious.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   590d ago
You are so blatantly a follower of MisterX, it's unreal. You actually believe that the mods and commenters are paid by Sony.....do you REALLY believe that?

Which brings me to my usual question, if you DO believe that.....then WHY are you STILL here? You clearly despise this website and it's users....i just don't get it.


"You are all a bunch of idiots if you think sony doesn't do this as well. "

Sony Too™..."loads of companies do this so it's ok". Passing blame to other companies to is pitiful, the fact of the matter is Sony HAVEN'T bribed Youtubers to big up their console.....and they don't need to.
#22.1.1 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report
Kribwalker  +   590d ago

Take your blinders off. They are a money making corporation just like MS
They've been caught doing it before, if you think they aren't doing it now then you are more gullible then the MSfanboys you speak so highly of. They have just gotten better at hiding it
pyramidshead  +   590d ago
lmfao, what ever helps you sleep at night Belly. That's some 100% misterx garbage right there.
DragonKnight  +   590d ago

When you are trying to legitimize bad business practices, simply bust out that someone else has done it too instead of accepting that what was done was wrong, and in this case illegal.
GTgamer  +   590d ago
@belking you can leave N4G you won't be missed lol
@kribwalker so you think we should let MS slide with your kindergarten logic oh because Sony did it in the past leave MS even tho Sony was penalized for it so be quiet with all your BS :/ .
Kribwalker  +   590d ago
I'm not trying to legitimize anything, I'm just saying anytime MS does anything sony fanboys are all over it even tho sony has been busted doing the same thing in the past but they have freaking halos above their heads and have never and can never do anything wrong. They are a perfect organization that does nothing bad and only brings good into this world. I forgot about the fact that sony donates all their profits to the needy kids in Africa. My bad. I'll give my head a shake and remember that for the next time I comment on here about the evil microsoft and angelic sony
InTheLab  +   590d ago
It says it's more common than you think but where does it say Sony is doing this?
#22.2 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Kayant  +   590d ago
Exactly until evidence comes out to suggest they do it or have done something similar like the PSP ad campaign then you can't really say they do for sure seeing as the only story that can be found is from 8 yrs ago. That's a long time and seeing as no similar story can be found in recent years then it seems they have learnt they lesson.

For now EA/MS have done some dumb and unneeded shit in MS's case.EA angers me more because it seems from the leak that it's an establishedand established thing for them.

If anyone hasn't watched this I suggest you watch Total biscuits video --> http://www.youtube.com/watc...
kenshiro100  +   590d ago
@ Kribwalker

Except that no one ever anglicized Sony in the first place. I've seen people rightfully call out Sony when they need to be called out.

Microsoft knew they made a mistake with their console and now they're bribing people to buy it.
jgrigs09  +   590d ago
I like how blend and n4g keep avoiding posts about EA doing the same thing. What Microsoft did wasn't illegal now what Machinima was doing is illegal.
RosettaStoned  +   590d ago
I said "who cares" back in 06 when Sony made a fake blog promoting the PSP, and I'll say it again in this instance. Nothing but "realizing your own preferences" should decide your purchase. Reading comments about fans feeling betrayed is so funny it has me weak. The day YouTube became a profitable hobby is the day companies saw an avenue capable of manipulation... just like your favorite athlete endorsing soda they'd never drink. Wake up gamers... you're precious industry is no Saint.
Kivespussi  +   590d ago
MS says they didn't know about this... Either they're lying or there's something seriously wrong in the marketing department (or whoever is responsible for this). Something that a company as huge as MS shouldn't have.
And then some people even try to defend this. Feels like brand loyalty will make people blind to these kinds of things...
urwifeminder  +   590d ago
Awesome will have to check these channels out and subscribe.
H0RSE  +   590d ago
The thing is, although MS is essentially where this campaign (or the idea for it) began, it isn't really the company people should be mad at. Everybody loves when bad news circulates around MS and they love pointing out how "evil" they are, but in this controversy, Machinima are the ones people should be looking at.


Furthermore, since there was a contract, and there were clauses within the document that were blatantly shady/deceptive, any individual/organization that read the terms and proceeded to agree to them, is way more guilty than MS, at least in my eyes. It's like Slugworth from Willy Wonka telling the kids he'll pay them to steal the Everlasting Gobstopper. Who's truly guilty here, Slugworth for presenting the plan, or the kids that agreed to carry it out?
#27 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply

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