Respawn: "Some Bots Carry Anti-Titan Weapons" In Titanfall

Respawn: Some "Bots Carry Anti-Titan Weapons" In Titanfall.

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Kingthrash3601554d ago

man seems every quote is about bots now. bots are no good compared to humans and will tarnish a game that i once viewed as a top pick.
no matter how they swing it, imo bots kill it for me. id rather have 6v6 pvp than 6v6 + 22 bots....smh

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Haki11121554d ago

the game is good don't judge till you play it

xHeavYx1554d ago

Uhhh... aren't you judging the game too? Just sayin'

InTheZoneAC1554d ago

and you're judging it without playing it, because?

Haki11121554d ago

Was in the alpha I CAN judge it. @Insomnia_84 why does someone had to be on a payroll if they like something you don't?

Kingthrash3601554d ago

you CANT judge a incomplete it's alpha stage at that.
also im not judging it..they announced the game will have more bots than humans and imo that sucks. the game would have been epic with all or at least mostly humans smfh. this seems more like a survival game than a true competitive fps. just takes the steam out the game when a guy gets 30 kills ans 25 of the kills are bots.
why is it all of a sudden people like bots? kz has bots and its largely ignored. why because most dont want to play with bots...this is an opinion not a judgement...

AceBlazer131554d ago

Maybe he prefers to actually test his skill rather than have lobbies littered with bots

famoussasjohn1553d ago

Kingthrash360 - The core gameplay is going to be the same, the textures and such will be different. I didn't hear much negativity about the alpha. The bots do indeed need to get better, or they need to take out the ability to earn a Titan off them because they had terrible AI.

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Debaitable1554d ago

I used to believe it wouldn't work myself but 6v6 is a good number when you think of Titans coming into play. It'll be too much chaos with more players plus more titans. Come to think of it, they could of increased the human players but put a cap on how many titans can be called out at once.


I think it's completelly reversed... Titans, as glorious as Respawn may paint them, are just vehicles. Giant antropomorphic vehicles, but still... When had ever a shooter with action both inside and outside of vehicles worked with 12 players? Vehicles call for big maps (or at least big from the perspective outside of a vehicle), so 6 vs 6 is great for close quaters tactical gameplay, not for vehicle warfare, it would feel empty on foot, hence they filled it with stupid bots. Sure, maybe everyone can get their vehicle, but then again, it just become a 6 vs 6 common shooter, but everyone's character is a giant robot instead of a soldier.

Also, you said it yourself, if you want to avoid the general mayhem that comes with vehicle combat games which would ruin the gameplay of an FPS, you simply limit the number of vehicles. This is common place for games like Battlefield 2142 or Starhawk. So not a great excuse for filling the game with AI-controlled characters, if it were people there it not only could make things more interesting, but also unpredictable... Imagine what kind of crazy strategies would come up with teams of 11 foot soldier + 6 titans on each side. Teaming up a big unity of foot soldier to overtake titans. But with only 6 per side, you probably have no better option than running for your life 'till you get a giant robot for yourself.

truefan11554d ago

The bots are the anti camping mechanism, they don't give a crap about k/D so they will attack the titans. I love the aspect the bots add to the game, there will be no hiding in the buildings when someone gets a titan and there are so many windows and entrances, seems like a joy. Pre order through Microsoft and get a $10 off code, which I will be using to buy watch dogs.

Bdub20001554d ago

Heck yeah, the anti camping is a great look at the bots. I am all for that for sure.

GhettoBlasStarr1554d ago

@Kingthrash- I kinda agree with you. Finding out that it's mostly going to be bots, knocked it way down my must have list. But Borderlands2 had 4 player co-op against AI & that game was fun as hell, so I can't say it's going to be Bad. How ever its going to be worth the $60

Kingthrash3601554d ago

yeah borderlands had a story...i could play it offline alone or with friends. sharing weapons taking down missions co-oping boss battles...yeah none of that in tf. just online 6v6v20bots...smh
all humans on 1 team and all bot on another that bl2 had was awsome because that was a feature and no clumsy dumb bots dying stupidly like i've seen in tf alpha footage.

Retard1554d ago

Better if they had pop rocks & soda.

Kingthrash3601554d ago

its my opinion is all. if you like this, then hey thats great. im stating my opinion here is all. i loved tf but for me, having bots killed it. humans>bots. the unpredictability of humans can never be matched. once ai gets exploited its over. they already said the bots are locked on 1 difficulty setting and thats in it's self already a bad thing....imo.

DeadlyFire1554d ago

So we must kill bot for Anti Titan weapons?

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Bdub20001554d ago

Hey, bots could work, we just have to wait and see. I wasn't psyched to hear about them either and It could be a huge flop, or it might be the next thing that all online games do next year. I'm glad they are least stepping outside of the current multi-player box/formula. Better graphics isn't the only thing needed for "next gen", so developers need to experiment, otherwise we risk having the exact same games from last Gen, just with better resolution, and nobody wins with that recipe.

Ashby_JC1554d ago

Agreed. I had a talk with a friend earlier. We were talking how gamers always talking we want something different a change. we are. They are trying a different approach. Yes ai bots have been done before. But many like myself have never experienced what they are trying to do.

The fact that a large...LARGE percentage who have had hands on are giving the game high praise says allot.

The many that haven't played it. You are entitled to a certain amount of critique. But there is a limit to how far you can blast negatives a game you never played.

I look forward to playing it myself.

Belking1554d ago

bring on the bots. let the haters hate, Respawn. people are just butthurt this is exclusive to MS platforms. MS is bringing the games.

Bdub20001554d ago

Plus bubbles to you, sir

DigitalRaptor1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

So I am butthurt that a game I can easily pick up for my mid-range PC, is on my PC? Your logic is flawless. /s

There's nothing wrong with pointing out that the AI bots are meant to be smart based on cloud processing, freeing up system resources to push in other areas, yet they're not showing anything of the sort.

People want an option to be able to play in place of those bots, and it can't be difficult to make happen. But you'd rather have less choice, right?

famoussasjohn1553d ago

What OS are you running on? Guaranteed it's Windows 7.

DigitalRaptor1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

@ famousasjohn

Do you guys even listen?

The weirdest assumption that Xbox fanboys make is that because something is considered a "Microsoft exclusive", that pisses people off. That is just strange and so warped. I'm a PC gamer, Microsoft doesn't make PC games happen: Valve and other game developers make them happen. Microsoft sees no money from game sales. They stepped out of supporting it for this very reason.

I was saying that I can play the PC version of this game on my PC, so why would I be at all butthurt that it's on a platform that I play games on?

jackanderson19851554d ago

yep it is and he said "exclusive to MS Platforms" if i'm not mistaken it'll only run on a windows OS which is owned by MS

Kingthrash3601554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

im not butthurt...hek i don't own a pc or x1.
but im a gamer who cares about games no matter the console. this game was an exciting looking game at e3...won my game of e3 as a matter of fact. but when i saw it i was under the impression that thos people on screen were ..ya know PEOPLE. all thos sequences of the guy jumping on walls killin people left and right, jumping into a titan repelling bullets and smashing players left and right ejecting out of the exploding titan landing on the roof of a building and kicking a guy off the roof was frickin EPIC....but to imagine that all that was done to bots....really, really, REALLY deflated that whole trailer. how bad ass are you to do that to bots? to humans you look bad ass but to bots.. its like...well they are bots they prolly let you run around and be a badass... smh bots are for the lesser skilled players, pvp are for the skilled...this games lost that potential to make you feel like a bada$$. in tf EVERYONE is a bada$$ fun is it when every one is a bada$$?

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Gabenbrah1554d ago

Oh my god I beat NewMonday on a Titanfall post. I have no issues with the Bots, as a MOBA player, I can see what Titanfall is trying to do. Bots will not only allow lesser skilled players to get points, but allow higher skilled players to get points and their Titans faster and also reward players who rush. You don't see LoL players getting better weapons than skilled LoL players only killing minions, same will be applied to Titanfall.

megatron_781554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

u haven't played it stuff really has to stop ,game play looks awesome ,graphic style looks cool,but how can a bot with a rocket launcher replace a real player? how can that excite anyone? sony fan ,xbox fan who cares i really hope this does not become the norm (bots)honestly .i just think even though i'm sure it will be fun to play for the first week, i'm just afraid it will lose its competitive edge after that because of the bots,i hope there are modes without them i hope they listen make a mode without bots please , i know this might help out less skilled players but the idea of getting a medal just for showing up is not cool , play a little ,practice a a lot! everyone gets better! in the end it's much more satisfying!damn 09ers....

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