Microsoft: "Having Great Internal Studios Is Absolutely Part Of The Plan"

Microsoft: "Having great internal studios is absolutely part of the plan"

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XiSasukeUchiha1667d ago

Ok then plan should work hopefully

dedicatedtogamers1667d ago

Stop planning. Start showing.

Buying any console based on "potential" and "plans" is a terrible mistake, especially if it is from a company that has a long-running track-record of failing to deliver on said plans/potential (and that applies to MS as a whole, not just the XBox division).

Fireseed1667d ago

You do realize buying ANY of the next gen consoles is doing that... right?

Belking1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

"Buying any console based on "potential" and "plans" is a terrible mistake"

correct, and people who bought vita and wii-u are finding out the hard way. And its funny you brought up the long-running track record of failure to deliver on said plans... Does Home ring a bell? It should because it fits perfectly what you described. MS is worth over 300 billion and the other console maker used to be worth over 100 billion but now is only worth 20 billion. Now which one do you think failed to deliver more. Do the math.

DigitalRaptor1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

@ Belking

Are you okay, seriously? Not much of that made any sense or drew any logical conclusions.

"correct, and people who bought vita and wii-u are finding out the hard way."

Both have great games, but I agree the potential is a bit underfed. Vita's potential as a game device was just amplified by PS4's release and the PS Now service, but it needs more first party software for sure. Wii U has some great upcoming software, as well as some pretty cool games so far. Both are selling though - just not as well as the competition.

"Does Home ring a bell?"

Home WAS a success, it made them loads of money. At its peak it had 19 million active users. It had lots of diverse and interesting ideas going for it, and helped a lot of independent creators gain ground in development.

"MS is worth over 300 billion and the other console maker used to be worth over 100 billion but now is only worth 20 billion. Now which one do you think failed to deliver more."

How does a difference in worth connect with what they are delivering. The financial math doesn't relate at all to who has built a better next-gen gaming console, and who is offering better and fairer services.

And "only" 20 billion? Only? Are you high or just somewhat concussed?

dedicatedtogamers1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

@ Fireseed "You do realize buying ANY of the next gen consoles is doing that... right?"

Which is why I said "Buying any console based on "potential" and "plans" is a terrible mistake". FWIW I do not own either a PS4 nor a Wii-U nor a X1. I own a 3DS and Vita, both of which were purchased a full year after they launched once they had enough games I wanted. If you must know, I'll likely get a Wii-U in a few months (there are enough games out on it, plus enough confirmed games coming out to justify it) and a PS4 this holiday or perhaps next spring 2015.

# Belking "correct, and people who bought vita and wii-u are finding out the hard way"

Sony Too™ Nintendo Too™, amirite?

Utalkin2me1667d ago


Well certain companies have a track record of delivering features and games. And there would be no reason to doubt those companies history.

truefan11667d ago

The fact that you have so many buddies shows the bias and Ps4 fan boyism of this site. Microsoft is bringing the games, I love it. Ps you say don't talk show action, we'll XB1 has a better 2014 lineup than the so called console for gamers.

u got owned1667d ago


buddies? He probably has multiple accounts.

Typical dedicatedtogamers xbox trolling. Moving on.

kopicha1667d ago


Ignore that Belking, he is clearly a lifeless xbot. Got similar idiotic comment from him on another comment while I am just taking non console matter and he attempt to freaking start a console war. He is an idiot. His bubble clearly tells you that.

On a side note, I hope M$ dont just talk and actually deliver. Back in 360 days they basically drop the ball after the first few years. On the other hand Sony kinda build up. In fact Sony now has the biggest internal studio and that got to thank M$ during the last generation. If M$ is really working on this now, seems like they are playing catch up game this generation in this department. Especially when they close a couple of their studio during last gen. Though Sony did close a few of theirs too, but they still got way bigger than what M$ have at the end of the day.

kopicha1667d ago


I think better games is a very subjective matter. What you think best does not represent best for others. Standing from the neutral POV I can tell you that Sony fans will obviously tell you they have better games. And from your comment I can tell you are clearly MS fan, and of cuz you will think MS have better line up. As for me I would give it at least 2 years to monitor MS. Because it is fact that they did drop the ball in 360 era. Being one with most exclusive to the one with the least exclusives at the end of the generation. No matter how you wanna debate this is already a fact. Not siding on Sony either, who knows they may drop the ball this time around. But the least at the beginning I do have more faith in them due to their track record. And consider how much bigger their internal studio are compared to what M$ has atm. We can debate again 2 years later. That is when you will see the true color of each camp.

DigitalRaptor1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

@ truefan1

Looks like Xbox fanboys are past the point of caring about debating anymore. So it resorts to talking about the bias of an entire site, to downplay any facts or logic that flies around these parts.

You have proven yourself to be a PS4-hating, Xbox fanboy yourself, so why do you really care so much that this is a Sony haven? or is that a silly question? Ask yourself... has Sony done anything to make people immensely dislike them in the past year or so? Ask yourself, has Microsoft done the same thing in the past year? In the past week? The majority of level-headed gamers will give you the correct answer to those.

After what we've evidenced with them dropping support 2 generations running, especially the generation just gone, with them thinning out of the X360's core exclusives to make way for Kinect games that weren't made for you or me - doubting MS in this field is perfectly reasonable. They've given us reason to doubt where their focus lies in the long-term, for years.

Just lose the whole "everyone who criticises MS is a fanboy" lark.

"XB1 has a better 2014 lineup than the so called console for gamers."

I love this 'so called console for gamers' as if it actually means anything, other than being used out of spite and ignorance - when the established facts are that Sony is treating developers better, gamers and consumers better, PS4 has a wider range of games from AAA to indie to free-to-play to MMOs to Japanese games, and more games in development from 1st, 2nd and 3rd party devs combined. It also has the fairer and better services for gamers, with more gaming-related features, and more games currently out.

Regardless of your misplaced irony, roughly half of Xbone's 2014 lineup that you guys keep going on about, is unconfirmed for 2014. So how can it be better? How can it be better when there are less games, and a less diverse selection than what will be on the PS4 by the end of 2014? You call the Xbone lineup superior, and completely ignore that PS4 has loads more games announced and coming out, with still a ton more under wraps.

imt5581667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


OK! Better line up. So, write the exclusives for Kinect and indies in 2014. I know that Microsoft prepare some Kinect and indie games for 2014.

gaffyh1666d ago

For the past few months Phil's been commenting on stuff, and I get the feeling he is just telling people what they want to hear.

He said this comment, but the fact is, MS closed down so many of their internal studios last gen. Also, I can understand why he felt he had to say this, but really, MS' internal studios are actually kinda crap. Bungie and Rare were the only good ones they had, and Rare is a shell of it's former self, and Bungie went third party. 343 are good (but many would argue Halo 4 was not the best), but every other studio has yet to prove themselves.

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lifeisgamesok1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

You can tell MS is focused on great games and off to a wonderful start

And they have some talented studios already 343, Press Play, Lionhead, Rare

Launch was good and this year looks even bigger

2014 will see the release of Quantum Break, Halo 5, Fable Legends, D4, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark

dedicatedtogamers1667d ago

Half of the games you mentioned are made by external studios...

DigitalRaptor1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Good mention. And roughly half of them aren't even confirmed for 2014, at least not in their full retail form.

lifeisgamesok1667d ago

Because idk maybe i moved on from internal studios to launch games and future titles??

@DigitalRaptor the keyword here is research man every game i listed has been confirmed by MS or the studio making the game

Microsoft is bringing the exclusives

Utalkin2me1667d ago

Great games as the last 3 years of the 360 life cycle?

nigelp5201667d ago

-Use Rareware to their full potential. Stop cancelling their games
-Should have never closed Fasa Studio and sold the rights to Mechassault,Crimson Skies, Shadowrun

kingdip901667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

If most of the staff that made rareware fantastic back in the day were still their I would agree with that comment.

MightyNoX1667d ago

Considering the talent (or lack) of the current Rare, I'd say Microsoft is right in keeping them do Avatar...things...

Hicken1667d ago

Not seeing the fruits of this plan yet.

UbiquitousClam1667d ago

Perhaps that's because most developers are still making there games perhaps? Its only been 2 months!

Funky Town_TX1667d ago

@Hicken I agree. Show some screens, gameplay, or even give a tech demo. This is one of the reason why I have not picked up a X1. If you are going to charge $500 for a console then you better show me some kick A$$ games. I was a 360 owner day one, but I refuse to support M$ at $500 with nothing more than multiplats. I can get that on PS4 for cheaper.

DOMination-1666d ago

To be fair Sony have not exactly been rushing to show us first party titles either.

Lets wait for e3 and I feel both woll show some good stuff.

Hicken1666d ago

They've shown as many first party projects as Microsoft, and definitely talked about more. Microsoft hasn't said much about too many things, particularly stuff we didn't already know of last year.

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