Rocksmith 2014 DLC 1/21 – Weezer

The rumours were true! Today is a 5 Pack from the incredible crunchy fender guitar tunes of Weezer!

Featuring songs from the The Blue Album and The Green Album this pack definitely didn’t surprise anyone with it’s choices. Would love to switch out Hash Pipe with a song from Pinkerton but there’s always next pack right?

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skyrim1668d ago

Loving it so far my name is jonas so fun!!!

Doge1668d ago

such weezer
very likes

I would love to see some Pinkerton songs added to the list. It might convince me to get the game :)

ArchangelMike1668d ago

WHAT!? You don't have the game yet? What you waiting for man?

Doge1668d ago

Can't find the cable on its own, or a bundle of the PC version. I'll probably have to order online.

As for the guitar. My brother has a bunch of them that I could use c: