10 Epic Fails That Ruined The Wii U

WC - The startling announcement was made last week that Nintendo were anticipating an operating loss of $335.2 million for the financial year (ending in March), with their stock almost dropping one-fifth for a time as well.

This has largely been attributed to the abject failure of their Wii U console, which launched in November of 2012 and has simply failed to gain much traction in the gaming market since. The popularity of both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the last two months has made it clear that the Wii U has quickly been edged out of the eight-generation console war, and is going to likely be taking a place in history as a regrettably epic fail, alongside the likes of Sega’s ahead-of-its-time Dreamcast.

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miyamoto1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Like I said many days before the Wii U will be and was up against a rock and a hard place. The Wii/PS3/360 on the left and the PS4/Xbox One on the right.

Nowadays you only get one bone: either casual or hardcore. Gone are the days when it just a general purpose video game platform. Everything has become specialized to do a particular special thing.

Like I said to Shokio, before Wii U just copied the Sega Dreamcast in so many ways. From launching ahead of its competition inferior specs to having a controller with an LCD screen to look down to and surprisingly... its commercial failure too.

History repeats itself indeed.

Will the Wii U be discontinued too like the Sega Dreamcast?

RPG_Lover1583d ago

Wii U isnt ruined, its great

link2Dpast1582d ago

It is but business wise and how it is doing for Nintendo as a corporation not so good. As a fan of Nintendo and fellow Nintendion , sometimes you just have to admit you win some you loose some, to stay in a battle that's an inevitable defeat is prolonging the recovery. Their already have been two different mario games on the WiiU one 2d and the other semi 3D, that alone spoke volumes to me on how desperate Nintendo is trying to fix this problem.

link2Dpast1582d ago

I say test the waters, if mario kart or smash dont give you the numbers you want sales wise, then thats the nail in the coffin and just move on. Mario 3D world did good but not to what it can and i believe that's a first sign of worse to come. So test waters on your other top system sellers especially mario kart and smash bro, whenever that is coming out, but if the present proves anything, it a good indication if mario aint selling then this pipe is clogged just move on.

TripC501582d ago

Wii U is a great console, people who don't own one will always hate on it because its the cool thing to do right now. Lets see how many people bash it when the Other great games release this year. BTW Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze will surprise people and will be crowned best 2D platformer.

DualWielding1582d ago

The article is pretty much accurate