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Madden 25 Review - AMHNetwork

"For all that Madden 25 served as a great sporting education for me, and as a game is functions extremely well, with brilliant AI that constantly dishes up challenge, especially as you progress through the difficulty settings, it was simple execution flaws that hamper the experience."
A snippet from AMHNetwork's review of Madden 25. Agree with their thoughts? (Madden 25, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One) 3.5/5

Akuma2K  +   584d ago
Madden sucked last gen and continues to suck in this next gen, which is shame when there's no limitations to deal with on these new consoles.

2K needs to return and put the state of the football genre back to what it's supposed to be, a game with true authenticity representation and realism.

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