Is Gears of War Relevant Enough For Next Gen?

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''I was admittedly slightly conflicted when I sat down to type this piece. Gears of War was the game that sold the Xbox 360 to me. Its bleak adverts that invaded the television-sphere back in 2006 made me sit up, take notice, and think that the game looked pretty damn good. And so I bought an Xbox 360 and picked up Gears of War with the system…and oh my days was I impressed.''

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Robochobo1673d ago

I can't tell if this guy is serious or not.

GamerEuphoria1673d ago

That's funny, i could say the same to you about your comment.

Kingthrash3601673d ago

on topic....
a prequel yes a sequel or port no.
gears is a great series and deserves a ps4/x1 version...if halo and uncharted get next gen sequels then why not...
pro tip...for thos who raised their eyebrow at gears on ps4, i hear that its open market for gears like mass

GarrusVakarian1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

As long as it has a completely new group of characters in a new timeline and makes sure to include that awesome horde mode then im game.

1673d ago
WrAiTh Sp3cTr31673d ago

The best 3rd person shooter ever assembled needs to be brought into this gen. So yes, Gears is relevant. I mean, I've played all other 3rd person shooters and they feel to archaic or some feel good but just not anywhere near what Gears has done, especially Gears 3. And I guess I should state "3rd person shooter" that has a cover system because that's what made Gears what it is and then Gears 3 came along and really kind of mocked the franchise by adding moves and weapons that made using cover almost pointless, which just turned things up a notch...or five. The digger launcher, mantle kick, meat shields(hostage) that disintegrates and the tagging of a meat shield with a grenade then kicking said meat shield into a group of opponents to get more kills. This is why I always said Gears competes with Halo, Crysis, COD and so on so forth--which is why Epic made the shooting and gameplay so spectacular, because competition is so fierce. While Uncharted's only competition really is Gears...well now Tomb Raider. Come on, there is no better 3rd person shooter than Gears and I hope future shooters take note of what Gears has done ESPECIALLY Gears 3.

spicelicka1673d ago

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3

Agree with all of that. Gears really is revolutionary, it did to 3rd person shooters what Halo and Call of duty 4 did to First person shooters.

It's gameplay is perfected at this point and it's definitely near the top as one of last gen's best multiplayer games. It can can be hard and unforgiving but that makes it even more rewarding, and I think it's the best example of a competitive game suffering in population because it doesn't force perks and progression for casual players. Everyone can see why judgement took that route to make the gameplay faster, which wasn't necessary.

I think the innovation for next-gen gears should be in the campaign, adding larger more sandbox environments, maybe some puzzle-solving, writing needs to be better, and the scope needs to be on another level. I can imagine it but can't explain it. But as far as the title of this article is concerned, it's as relevant as any other game i can think of, more so in fact.

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

I cant wait for more Gears of war, Horde 3.0 FTW!

I don't know where they could take the campaign though, but I would happily purchase a multiplayer only experience...

DevilishSix1672d ago

The main people behind the Gears franchise are no longer there.

Perjoss1672d ago

Halo 4 was fantastic and the whole of Bungie was missing.

1672d ago
NYC_Gamer1673d ago

I'm against Gears having more sequels since the story of the franchise is already finished

spicelicka1673d ago

That's just dumb. Why would you want to withhold yourself from experiencing a next-gen gears simply because you think the story is finished? If you're not a fan then you shouldn't be commenting anyway, if you are a fan then I'm disappointed.

If it's small budget game like judgement then no i wouldn't want that either. But a full fledged new trilogy like halo 4 would be beyond Epic, no pun intended.

InTheLab1672d ago

I agree. Story is done and there's no more to tell. Also, that world and gameplay just isn't interesting enough to slog through another trilogy of dull cover shooting.

LoveOfTheGame1672d ago

I agree, but unfortunately they have already announced Uncharted for next gen.

Oh. You weren't talking about that game? Well you basically described my experience with that overrated game.

InTheLab1672d ago

Why is it so hard to have a conversation on this site without fanboys ruining it?

I don't like Gears 2 and 3 so some douche has to tell me about Uncharted..../facepalm.

LoveOfTheGame1672d ago

Lol, fanboy? No. I do have a slight bias against Uncharted as it is overrated. In all honesty Uncharted is exactly what popped in my head when you described how you saw Gears.

Also I love to tell UC fans how Gears has higher review scores and better game sales to either see them be stunned or come up with some random measuring stick as to why UC is "better".

A little immature? Maybe. But it's always nice to have a silver bullet for those annoying PS fanboys on this sight.

Plus, if I was a fanboy, I probably would have had at least one trolling downvote. Might happen soon though as I have said a few anti-sony remarks lately.

Mikefizzled1673d ago

The game that helped bring fluid well made third person shooter mechanics to the masses? Of course.

BigShotSmoov0071673d ago

I would love a new Gears but it's probably best to come up with a whole new story. The Marcus story is pretty much done so it's time to try something new for the series.

snookiegamer1673d ago

With the right development team/writers, Gears could remain as relevant as Halo or Uncharted.

What's the difference?

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