J-Stars Victory Versus – Gaara, Story Mode Exclusive Characters

These characters are not playable and are not support either.

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tayz1708d ago

i wanted to play as gaara, kakashi, and sunny

ZoidsRaven1707d ago

Too bad, I really wanted Koenma to be a support character for this game. 7_7

admiralvic1707d ago

Better than me. I am still waiting for Kenshiro and Raoh to be announced. It seems hard to believe neither will be in the game.

ZoidsRaven1706d ago

I agree.
In my opinion, characters like Kenshiro and Raoh should have been prioritized over character[s] like Medaka Kurokami.
I'm only saying that I wanted Koenma to be a support character, not a playable character. 7_7