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What Nintendo Needs to do to Save the Wii U

Alex St-Amour from 3GEM writes: 'While armchair analysts continue to debate where exactly Nintendo went wrong, I decided to explore some options that the Big N should consider if it plans to turn the Wii U into a success.' (Nintendo, Wii U)

BenqMagician  +   338d ago
Totally agree with this because a lot of moms have no idea what a Wii U is(changing the name too Nintendo U is perfect).
DeadRabbits  +   337d ago
Lazarus U
Chrischi1988  +   337d ago
Really? Again an article like this one? Of course someone is going to tell me, how this article is different, than all the others, like on all the other articles^^ But at the end of the day, they are all the same, the opinion of a gamer, who probably doesnt even own a Wii U or ever really used it without prejudices.

I can only say this again, what Nintendo needs first, is good advertising and that all of these articles stop comming, because they are a instant turnoff for everyone, who might be interessted...
gedden7  +   337d ago
I actually agree with this post. Nintendo invests VERY little money in Wii U advertising. Nintendo historically rarely uses advertising for its products. All these smear campaigns and Nintendo doom articles are a result of Nintendo not opening up to media outlets and NOT paying these same media outlets to create positive articles for their games and system(s) 3ds included. Marketing is VERY expensive. Only MS and Sony can afford to pay for such tactics on a day to week to month basis.

Don't believe me, well just notice when one thing goes not to so good for Nintendo. You see a endless supply of Nintendo doom articles. Even when Nintendo does something different (Wii/WiiU/3DS) You see TONS of Nintendo DOOMED articles before products are even released. And if software/hardware sells slowly at first you see it even more. Nintendo always bounces back and or dominates.

But the truth is Nintendo still makes profits on their devices and software. Even though they lost profits in recent fiscal years they're still making "profits". That is profits after they pay for production, development, devs, marketing and whatever else.

As for Sony, a company that has been hemorrhaging $$ from other parts of the company like movie and electronics while competing with MS directly and MS who actually has not made a profit from the Xbox brand 2 generations of consoles and COUNTING (will lose about another BILLION in 2014, so that 3 BILLION in LOSES to MS) you rarely hear any news about or SEE and Sony and MS Xbox brand is doomed articles. And even if they are put up on website. Those corps PAY for them to be taken down or threaten to sue.
Jdoki  +   337d ago
Yeah, I agree with article.

WiiU was a stupid name from Day 1.

Marketing has been terrible (in the UK)

The second screen just seems like Nintendo grasping at ideas in the hope they can disrupt the industry in the same way the Wiimote did

3rd Party Support has yet again been terrible, but what compounds it this time is that it has taken so long for Nintendo to get a really good 1st party library out there.

I'm sad to say that the 1st party titles are starting to feel tired. I was eager to see what they would do with Pikmin... But it disappointed. The new Mario games just feel a bit uninspired. The thing I always loved about Nintendo, is that it had different games. I didn't care for ports of Metal Gear or other mainstream stuff - I have Sony / MS for those games. Give me fun and innovation Nintendo!
Thepcz  +   337d ago
''What Nintendo Needs to do to Save the Wii U''
a miracle
The_Truth_24_7  +   337d ago
Give into EA. Problem solved.
maniacmayhem  +   337d ago
Definitely agree, and I was saying along that branding was the main problem for the WiiU.

It's a stupid name, Nintendo got away with Wii but the Wii's fad drastically fell off. They needed to separate themselves from that name completely. Like the author said, almost half of the people thought it was just an add on not a completely different system.

I remember on this site, people thought it was just the tablet controller. Even I started to doubt it was a whole new console at some point.

Nintendo needs that strong third party support too. Not having key franchises on their system is a serious handicap. Some of the best games I played have been on the 360/ps3. Bioshock, Mass Effect, Castlevania: LoS, etc. and none of those games that defined last gen appeared for Nintendo and it looks like it still won't.

Nintendo needs to turn this around or maybe support the WiiU for another two years and come out the gate full powered, cannons aimed and firing with their next system.
snookiegamer  +   337d ago
Here's a problem....

Nintendo have always promoted their console as 'Family Entertainment', which was cool back in the 90's when games were unrealistic and mostly cartoon styled.

But gaming has matured since then.....

As consoles are able to replicate realistic visuals and representations to gamers, more mature rated 18 games get produced. I feel the majority of third parties don't see Nintendo consoles as appropriate for mature content....and it's actually Nintendo's fault.

Nintendo need to promote the console to a wider audience and not just Soccer Moms, Grandma/Grandpa and Kids.
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TheEnigma313  +   337d ago
Like I said yesterday, Nintendo needs some mature content alongside their normal franchises. How about a sequel to Eternal Darkness.
likeaboss302  +   337d ago
Nintendo should find a way to get it priced at $199. It would get a lot of people like myself that enjoy first party Nintendo games to buy in.

More resources should be put into developing games using a wider variety of their IPs. A F-Zero game would be fantastic but not necessarily step on Mario Kart.
strigoi814  +   337d ago
remove the tablet like controller. include wiiU pro and sell it $199..
DualWielding  +   337d ago
Exactly make this to coincide with the release of Super Smash Bros, otherwise the game would just show how a bad idea the gamepad is
andibandit  +   337d ago
Discontinue the WiiU, release a new console with up to date specs
clyde san  +   337d ago
Where is January's Nintendo direct??
CaptainYesterday  +   337d ago
Hopefully soon with some exciting announcements!
A7XEric  +   337d ago
I must admit I'm getting a bit sick of these types of articles, but glad this one is actually very constructive.

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