Dead Rising 3 Title Update Is Why Xbox One Needs External Storage Now

Users clamoring for Microsoft to add USB storage support to its Xbox One entertainment console just got more reason to demand that Microsoft add the feature sooner rather than later:  a game patch for Dead Rising 3.

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mhunterjr1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Silly article, the DR3 update doesn't take up extra space... It mostly replaces old files.

bessy671671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Yeah, the file started out at 19.9 gigs and after 2 updates (3 gigs and 13 gigs) the file size is now 23.2 gigs. Trust Maria to ignore the facts and post this crap anyways.

andrewsqual1671d ago

Fair enough. How about the fact that USB storage is not supported yet because Microsoft have no idea how they are going to do this without opening piracy to the console like they did on 360 in April 2010 when they added USB storage last time.
All it takes is the hackers to reverse engineer the packaging of the files and then be able to unlock any games to full versions. The online only was supposed to save them from this but the system's overall protection against the hackers is all wide open now.

MorePowerOfGreen1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I thought everybody knew the XB1 updates replace older files. XB1 updates act as replacing older builds with new builds. Guess this happens when you troll more than you have smarts.

Maria is an alternate account with a crazy mod on Sony's payroll. Nasim/Shmee/NewMonday/Maria and more, are all the same people.

1671d ago
amazinglover1671d ago

I would assume the extra 2 gigs would be mostly adding in extra content to make the game compatible with for those who choose not to buy the DLC but still want to be able to play with those who do.

Gamer6661671d ago

Yes, when the patch started the game took 24 gb... It still only takes 24 gb on my X1.

Also, I would assume MS' reserved HDD space probably is where the temp files were downloaded to...

BanginBiscuitz1671d ago

Gotta love false titles lol. The files are overwritten and barely adds any extra size to the game file. Silly article, just pure silly. They really need to start checking posts harder or something.

KonsoruMasuta1671d ago

I was coming here to point that out. But the article is right about one thing, people need external storage support as soon as possible.

xfear2diex1671d ago

how did this get approved?

Pogmathoin1671d ago

I know... Where do you go here to leave a ticket to complain about people like this?

Ilovetheps41671d ago

I just checked the page and it says that it got 5/10 approvals. No clue how it passed the approval process with only half of the approvals needed.

kewlkat0071671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I'm not sure bro..I'm not sure...some must have close friends on here

MrPerfect8131671d ago

I would be more concerned with data caps and your broadband provider. Like everyone else has said, the patch barely adds any size to the game. 13gbs is a lot to download though

cyguration1671d ago

Yep, it's easy to extend those caps when games average 30GB+ and you have patches that clock in at 13GB.

Steam is already testing my limits every time I open it and 10 games need patches ranging from 10MB to 1GB.

showtimefolks1671d ago

while the author is wrong about DR3, it would be helpful if both sony and ms allow us to store games on external harddrives with system attachment. Meaning you have to sign in with your profile to be able to play those games off the external hard drive

annus1671d ago

Internal harddrives are usually far faster than external, and since developers are making their games based on a single speed it means they can tweak things like texture streaming. Slow it down by a massive amount and you can get all sorts of weird, unwanted effects.

The ability to actually back up content to an external harddrive would be nice though.

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