KingsRoad Preview - Expansive DLC

KingsRoad is essentially an extremely simplified and highly polished Diablo-ish hack and slash ARPG for the Facebook generation. It adopts long-established genre standards; a trio of classes for players to choose from and switch between, a simple but addictive mix of basic click-to-kill gameplay and more intricate character planning and an epic plotline in which you and you alone can save the kingdom and so on, whilst tailoring these towards shorter gameplay sessions, a less complicated interface with somewhat simpler stats and a more streamlined approach to character building than its more fully featured brethren.

The tech under-pinning the game is quite impressive. Thanks to a system in which assets are streamed to the client on the fly rather than downloaded well in advance the game offers surprisingly high quality visuals and audio with an impressively short loading time. For a browser-based game, the whole thing is quite stunning, with beautifully detailed 1080p fullscreen i...

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