Driveclub Video Explains the Secrets of the PS4 Exclusive’s Spectacular Visual Effects and More

Driveclub is often described as one of the most visually impressive upcoming next generation games, and that’s also due to the wise use of quite a few visual effects often exploited in cinematography and sport filming to add a touch of realism.

This video explains some of these visual effects and more.

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XiSasukeUchiha1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Damn Driveclub looks absolutely amazing!

Hatsune-Miku1666d ago

I cant wait for this game and im happy that it was delayed to add improvements.

PeaSFor1666d ago

am i the only one to have no sound in the video?

dontbhatin1666d ago

Yeah i cant hear anything either.... Finally a long video about drive club comes out and i can hear anything. SMFH

ZodTheRipper1666d ago

I guess it's safe to say that this looks better than most of us expected. Hopefully we'll see it release it soon.

GarrusVakarian1666d ago

Omfg.......that looks even better than the last time i saw it, how do they keep doing this? That looks damn near real at

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cleft51666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I am not even into racing games, but this looks amazing. Can't believe we are getting a version of this game for PS+, Sony is just insane with the amazing value for PS+.


Hey i would like to know if we are still getting the ps+ version of this game, any news or link to confirm that info? i was told we got Contrast insted of this game.

MRMagoo1231666d ago

we got contrast because of the delay , they are still doing a plus version for free as far as i am aware. I am not too fussed i dont really like racing games much at all but it sure does look purdy.

FamilyGuy1666d ago

PS+ is a BEAST!
Even if they were charging $100 a year it would still be a great deal. DriveClub PS+ Edition is just pure fanservice.

JetsFool35001666d ago

Damn iCompletely forgot it was gonna have a free version sony is going to work

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1666d ago
Conzul1666d ago

Dat wintery mountain range! So real!!!

Can't help but imagine the next Uncharted game as having this clarity!!

GTgamer1666d ago

DayMotherlovingOne Game looks stunning.

abstractel1666d ago

This looks fantastic but I personally wish all this was put into a new Motorstorm. Just because of my own preferences. I will still get this the day it comes out, just hope it has as much gameplay content as it does graphic fidelity.

FamilyGuy1666d ago

Hopefully they continue with that franchise as well. MotorStorm was my first PS3 game, I got the MotorStorm bundle in fact. It was a very fun, challenging and beautiful game, I expect DriveClub to continue that trend.

deadie1666d ago

Yes it looks amazing.

Funny - since they got complaints about the gfx at first.
A few months later and they are about to set THE bar.

Good thing they didnt rush it.

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WorldGamer1666d ago

Very cool. Puts many of the techniques used in photography and film into very easy to understand concepts. Seems like these folks did their job, looking forward to this game.

MadSientist891666d ago

looks really good, much better than forza 5

James Vanderbeek1666d ago

forza 5 looks like a ps3 or 360 game upscaled.

ambientFLIER1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Well, I better hope so, seeing as how Driveclub is pushing half the frames per second... If Turn 10 backed down to 30fps, they could have put in all these fancy things.

MasterCornholio1666d ago

I dont know about that since the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One I doubt a Forza at 30FPS will look the same as Drive club.

MadSientist891666d ago

I think its more then just the 30FPS thing, from what I can see.. Driveclub has much better lighting and car models.. and that's just for starters.. look at them trees >.> and compare to the Forza ones :(

ambientFLIER1666d ago

Yes...the trees are more detailed in Driveclub...due to the 30fps nature of the game. Lol. If it were 60fps, do you honestly think the game would look anywhere near as good?

GW2121665d ago

Um, tell me where it says this game will be 30fps?

ambientFLIER1665d ago

The developers themselves said it a while back.

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ABizzel11666d ago

The environments in this game are unrivaled on consoles. Even up there with some high-end PC games. Cars look great as well. Now when is that PS+ demo/full version coming.