5 Games Nintendo Needs to Reveal in 2014

Things aren’t looking good for Nintendo, but there is still time to right the ship with some quality software for the Wii U. Here are the 5 games Game Rant thinks they must unveil in 2014.

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kirbyu1552d ago

I'd really like to see a Pokémon XD like game on the Wii U. I've never liked Pokémon Snap.

1552d ago
Myst1552d ago

Or pretty much a Pokemon MMO that has some sort of cross between 3DS and Wii U or something. Somewhat similar to how the development for Smash is going.

nigelp5201552d ago

Proper 3D Super Mario game
Metriod Prime 4
MMO Pokemon
Star Fox
New Mature IP

TripC501551d ago

Mario 3D World isn't proper enough for you.

Jay70sgamer1551d ago

Tripcc50...damn I hit disagree by accident ...I meant to hit agree

DoggyBiscuit1551d ago

I'm hoping Nintendo don't put out another Mario til they next console comes out

1552d ago
tweet751552d ago

new 2.5D metroid game, super mario 64 remake in HD, Mario galaxy 3. zelda on wii u, Kid icarus open world game on wii u and Bring dragon quest X to north america

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