5 Things I Want To See In Nintendo's Next Console

This a list of five things I would love to see whenever Nintendo launches another console.

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link2Dpast1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

those are some great points. The trophy achievement system is something i never was fond of but Nintendo games are notoriously known for being solo player orientated. having an achievement system gives the game some longevity. Another was the system design, i was always fascinated when a new system would come out and wondered how it would look and especially start up, i still remember the Gamecube tune like it was yesterday and i loved the dreamcast start up as well, those were always a pleasant surprise, now designs are very bland, so shapes and curved corners would be nice.

One you did leave out is online capabilities, it Nintendo kryptonite seriously. I know the WiiU is capable but it still seems like it not a priority , most games are not online multiplayer when they should be. When i got my WiiU and i realized Nintendo land wasent online i was shocked since it had so much potential for online capabilities, then and their i knew Nintendo wasn't gonna push online capabilities again and just could not grasp at what they were doing.

Also a simple controller scheme, i love the idea of the WiiU pad but sometimes you just want a normal controller and not have to buy it separate like the pro. They should go back to there former controllers, Nintendo has always had some comfortable controllers; yes the N64 caused hand issues but damn first person shooters and mario 64 felt perfect with it. They all have their cons but their are more pros and the best is the gamecube controller, especially the wave bird which was the wirless gamecube controller, they should go back to that and revamp it and they already are more than half way their .