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thorstein1490d ago

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons... free for PS+. That is simply superb. And a Lightning Returns demo!

Jack_Of_All_Blades1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Brothers is an amazing game if you aren't a CoD Kiddie and I'll check that demo out for sure! Also loving these sales!

Unreal011490d ago

Just been through the demo. Lightning Returns is not good.

1490d ago
Eonjay1490d ago

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by PS+ I think Hard Drives feel the same way! LOL

twdll1490d ago

I wish PSN+ was up to speed on PS4.

Rimeskeem1490d ago

Resogun and Contrast were not enough

twdll1490d ago

Yes, and don't forget Don't Starve... But it would be fantastic if the PSN+ for PS3 would carry over to the PS4. Of course that's wishful thinking, but that'd be cool.

thorstein1490d ago

Yes. But, Don't Starve is good. I also have free Pinball and all the FTP games.

twdll1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Don't Starve is a good game. In my opinion it's as hard as the other DS game....Demons Souls. Ha!

TristanPR771490d ago

Wow, PS Plus give me a break lol. To many good stuff.

WitWolfy1490d ago

Noooooooooooooooooo!!! I just bought A tale of to brothers on the Jan sale lol