Wii U price cut/new model could happen soon

Gimme Gimme Games writes about why they think Nintendo could be preparing a major Wii U price cut or new model in the next few weeks.

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MultiConsoleGamer1707d ago

Price cuts, new bundles, new cheaper hardware.


Realplaya1706d ago

Doubt it they have their best lineup in years coming out this year going into next.

R00bot1706d ago

I don't understand why everybody expects a price cut for the Wii U. They've already given us one, it's already a lot cheaper than the competition, and it comes with two games for no extra price (if you get a bundle). It's already selling at a loss! Hell, the PS4 isn't even selling at a loss. As for a PS4 price cut. I'd buy one after a price cut.
The console also has games that make it worth that money unlike the other, more expensive, consoles.

The Wii U is a great system, well worth its current price. I doubt a price cut would change much anyway. The problem seems to be the public's reception of the system, rather then the price. Why else would more expensive systems with worse games be outselling it?

tinkypop1706d ago

forget about the January sale being on in the uk.. Must be a new idea!

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