Tomb Raider 2? More Like Bad – SplitScreen

Rick writes... "I’m always going back and forth on Tomb Raider 2. On one hand, I can see how it would have been a good game when it was released (and still is). On the other hand, It’s really beginning to show its age. Lara Croft’s ridiculous acrobatic skills, insanely good aim, and stunning sexiness are the only things keeping her alive in this episode of SplitScreen."

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Valenka1672d ago

"It's really beginning to show its age." It's a decade old and was released on a console three generations past. It sounds like someone's run out of things to write about so they decided to go back in time. Lame.

Kurisu1672d ago

In futures to come his great grand kids will probably be writing the same article about the next gen reboot!

DeliciousRick1672d ago

I was referring to the specific section we hit in this episode. There is no time travelling involved here.

1672d ago
FragMnTagM1672d ago

Found this when I watched it on youtube instead of the embedded video.