The Number One Reason Why Nintendo Should Stay In The Hardware Business

Nintendo risks watering down the potency of its brand name by exiting the hardware business. “Play Nintendo” will slowly become a thing of the past. Nintendo will become just another game publisher, but unlike Sega they will have fallen from a much higher perch—and for no reason.

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STGuy10401702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

It's too early to say that Nintendo will exit the console business after the Wii U. The Big N has plenty of cash (as the article states) to upright their 'sinking' ship after the Wii U failed to capture the market. If Nintendo could find a purpose for their Gamepad, or somehow re-brand their hardware (i.e. marketing it better than they have), maybe the Wii U could still have a fighting chance.

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MultiConsoleGamer1702d ago

They aren't going anywhere, despite what you've heard from the agenda news.

REDBEARD1701d ago

Considering that Atari is dead and SEGA not being in good shape, Nintendo leaving the hardware business is just an utterly stupid idea.


Also both 3DO Company (3DO) and SNK (Neo-Geo) closed in 2001, about time their last console generation was done. Hudson Soft (TurboGrafx 16) closed/got bought out last year after 15 or so years of struggle (just like Atari before and Sega ongoing). Also Commodore, Philips, NEC, Magnavox, Coleco, Mattel and RCA (companies that were more interested in the hardware realm than content providing) are all now either dead or away from gaming for good.

So if anything, quitting the console market means you either die fast, move elsewhere or enjoy slowly rotting away. I'm no market expert, but I guess Ninty should avoid that.

MajorGecko1701d ago

everyone thought Nintendo was doomed after the Gamecube and they surprised everyone with the WII, the Nintendo name alone can carry them a few more console failures.

BenqMagician1701d ago

Just a bump in the road(well with a lot of potholes so lets hope in a year from now Nintendo has less bumps & no potholes).

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The story is too old to be commented.