Lords of Shadow 2 has gone gold and has a demo on the way

ENE3: "Dave Cox confirmed that the game is finished and there will be a demo for the players"

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Snookies121639d ago

Mmmm I cannot wait for this game... The first Lords of Shadow was so phenomenal graphically and musically. The gameplay was great too of course, but the audio and visuals are what really captivated me.

Jughead34161639d ago

Man, there's nothing like a Castlevania soundtrack. God of War is the only game IMO that has a sountrack on par with Castlevania.

1639d ago
bobsmith1639d ago

hope they make the first one free on ps plus right before this :D

Jughead34161639d ago

Ummm....I've had the demo for over a month now. Unless it's a different one, it's the same one from E3 2013.

But, even though I have a PS4, and having a blast with it, Lords of Shadow 2 is one of my highly anticipated games of the year, and I think it could be a real sleeper.

KwietStorm1639d ago

So where'd you get it from?

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