Why Nintendo Needs to go Mobile

Mobile gaming is becoming more popular now than ever before, and that is doing wonders for mobile game developers. However, as a result, one of the biggest console developers (who has already been suffering), is taking a huge hit. Obviously the company we’re talking about here is Nintendo — a once prominent force in the gaming industry.

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strigoi8141667d ago

i think this will never happen..move on

KonsoruMasuta1667d ago

No. Mobile gaming sucks.

That is all.

Dannycr1667d ago

Mobile gaming as in tablets and cellphones yes. Mobile gaming (portable gaming) as in 3DS, Ps Vita no

LAWSON721667d ago

Handheld is referred to for 3ds/vita

Mobile is referred to as tablets and phones

iliimaster1667d ago

real gamers see this as a joke title

tweet751667d ago

sorry id abandon nintendo after 30 devoted years if they took a turn for mobile. I hate using the screen for "buttons" I like a controller. If its only about the money and no love for the fans than nintendo would go mobile. Having apps that compliment console games would be different. Incorporated right it could add some cool features.

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