Chess 2: The Sequel Now Available Exclusively on OUYA

Ludeme Games today announced that Chess 2: The Sequel is now available exclusively on the Ouya console. The brainchild of renowned game designer David Sirlin, Chess 2: The Sequel updates the classic board game, introducing asymmetric play, six armies to choose from, and new win conditions sure to keep players constantly in check.

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Mexxan1672d ago

Erm, not an astute business move....

rdgneoz31672d ago

And if releasing exclusively on Ouya isn't bad enough...

"Online play with ranked matchmaking is available for purchase using the in-game currency, Crowns. Each game costs 8 Crowns; 120 Crowns can be purchased for $1.99."

1672d ago
TomShoe1672d ago

I love Chess. It's a shame it's only on OUYA though.

I hate to say it, but that console is dead in the water, since it doesn't really have a direction.

Is it going after the casual gamers with freemium titles like Angry Birds?
Is it going for the hardcore games with titles like Bioshock?

Well I know one thing that its not doing: selling.

curtis921672d ago

Ill wait for GOTY edition

NovasRevenge1672d ago

guess ill be selling my ps4/xbone/pc and getting a OUYA.

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