Incoming Resogun DLC: What I would like to see included

In our latest article, Sam Hewitt of Level Complete says what he would like to see in Resogun's upcoming DLC.

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xJumpManx1639d ago

Id like it to include Drive club the reason I pre-ordered the ps4.

RexFury1638d ago

All of these games getting delayed is annoying for sure! But good things come to those who wait. Well...unless it is crap :p

Sevir1639d ago

A ship that has high boost, power, and over drive and medium a mix of all the ships. An innovative challenge mode, an endless wave mode, and a new difficulty and new stages with some creative bosses. Also in this new difficulty mode, the multiplier counter goes up to 30. XD

I still haven't managed to beat the game on master... But I've finally cracked the 100,000,000+ score bracket... Won't stop till I get into the top ten...

Hoarding humans under the save pods will also not dying and not losing your multiplier nets you about 50-60 million points in the the first 2 stages alone.

RexFury1638d ago

What ship do you usually use?

Sevir1638d ago

Phobos, best ship to rack up points on overdrives

RexFury1638d ago

I got so used to using Nemesis that it is getting hard for me to adapt to Phobos, though I am getting used to it. Phobos is without a doubt the best for scores, just as long as you can hold on to your multiplier.

Sevir1638d ago

It's easy it to keep up the multiplier. You just gotta use your boost in short burst!